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MoveOn.org To Hold Wall Street Rally

Photo Credit: awearnessblog.com

One thing that bothers me about getting emails from MoveOn.org is that they’re so needy. They always need money! Maybe that makes sense because they are a non-profit, progressive, public policy advocacy group and political action committee. They’ve managed to do a lot online and now they’re looking to get bodies out to this protest they’re having on Wall Street on Thursday.

Side note: I’ve taken a pic on that Wall Street bull before when I was a kid. It was cold and a little creepy, kind of like Wall Street itself in my opinion.

Here’s what MoveOn.org sent me:

“Right now politicians in Washington are making critical decisions about our economy: Are they going to let the big banks off the hook for ruining our economy or are they finally going to rein them in? Continue reading



What is the #1 cause of holiday stress? The answer is money or lack or money really. According to FranklinCovey Products’s fifth annual holiday stress survey of 1,000 U.S. adults.

Did you see that one coming? Despite the current state of the economy 61% believe they spend too much during the holidays.

Who is the most stressed during the holidays? According to a 2006 national survey conducted by Mental Health America people of color are the most stressed out during the holidays. Makes sense if the number one stressor is lack of money and 3 years ago things were considerably better for a lot of people .

That study found parents are more stressed than other groups and females are more stressed than males about finances.

Other top holiday stressors include memories of deceased loved ones, having to much to do, crowded stores and malls, physical demands and loneliness.

In general according to many studies time after time the United States is ranked as one of the most unhappy countries in the world.

Gangstarr feat. G-Dep- “The Mall”

Shopping at the mall can be really stressful. When I play this song in my ipod at the mall I feel comfortable pushing people out of my way to get where I’m going. These cats sound like they like shopping way more than I do. They even shouted out Green Acres, a lovely mall in Long Island, New York that I have no business going anywhere near this Christmas.

Thanksgiving tends to set off the holiday season and also the suicide season. This may be due to the feelings the holidays stir up with all the American unhappiness in the backdrop and the fewer hours of sunlight, which can lead to depression. Continue reading

Economists Say Climate Change Is Bad For The Economy


The economy is in trouble, but we already knew that. So what’s new? Well, 144 top economists were surveyed by the New York University School of Law and most agree climate change is a threat to the United States and the global economy.

84% of those surveyed agreed the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment present a “clear and present danger” to those economies.

Most also agreed the sectors hardest hit would be the agriculture, followed by fishing and forestry.

This may sound harmless but if agriculture takes a serious hit we will have problems feeding ourselves… I mean even more than the problems we are currently having feeding ourselves.


Economists’ responses to the statement: “The environmental effects of greenhouse-gas emissions, as described by leading scientific experts, create significant risks to important sectors of the United States and global economy.”

Senators continue to debate whether or not climate change is a threat. Sadly is seems we are still in the Bush era of fact equals opinion, particularly when it comes to science.

So what about a solution? Continue reading