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Soul Food Junkies Documentary To Air On PBS

soul food junkies documentary preview byron hurt independent lens pbs

Maybe you’ve never gone to a film festival or none are in your town. Maybe you’ve never heard of filmmaker Byron Hurt and his work including Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes. Either way you’re in for a treat. Hurt focuses his lens on African American cuisine and its affects in the lives and health of the black community. Best of all it will be airing on PBS‘s Independent Lens, which showcases independent film. Since we’re talking about diets you should consider detoxing from big budget Hollywood affairs with some indies. Enjoy the preview below and check your local listings for when it airs here. Continue reading

Chris Rock Talks About “Good Hair”


Official description: When Chris Rock’s daughter, Lola, came up to him crying and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” the bewildered comic committed himself to search the ends of the earth and the depths of black culture to find out who had put that question into his little girl’s head!…

It’s true ideas about “good” and “bad” hair are still alive and well among Black folk. These days the konk is still much celebrated. A Black icon like Beyonce comes off as looking “fierce” for scalping a Scandinavian woman and putting on her head in every video since “Me, Myself and I” while Cynthia McKinney’s natural do makes people think she’s “wild”. Hey, maybe Beyonce did scalp a Scandinavian woman and maybe Cynthia McKinney is wild but are burns on your scalp from relaxers worth it? I just think these questions should be asked and these topics examined. Ultimately I think it can become a mental and physical health issue.

By the way Lola looks way too young to be getting a relaxer, but that’s just me.

Here’s the trailer for “Good Hair”, the Recipient of A Special Jury Prize: U.S. Documentary. In theaters this October.

“Good Hair” Official Trailer [2009]

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