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VIDEO: Dr Mark Hyman- “The Blood Sugar Solution”

Bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman had a special on PBS last night called “The Blood Sugar Solution” discussing the diabetes and obesity epidemic in this country. He points to what I’ve been pointing to for a long time now, diet is so important. A good diet could lower your medical bills and expenses and while exercise is important, diet is a bigger issue than lack of exercise. It’s a better way to address the root causes of chronic illness.

A Dieting Book For Six-Year Olds?

Maggie Goes on A Diet book

There is no denying that childhood obesity is an American epidemic, an epidemic that accounts for thirty-three percent of children. Ensuring that children are more active and inspired to live a healthier lifestyle is paramount but a child’s developing psyche and body image is also vital and often overlooked. Continue reading

How Blogger Eating Beautiful Changed Her Diet And Her Life

eating beautiful

It may seem so hard at times but people change their diets, and by extension their lives, everyday. My twitter buddy Dalia Kinsey also known as Eating Beautiful describes herself as “Hello Kitty Obsessed,Veggie Freak, Totally Awesome Wife, Cat Lover, Womanist, Student of Dietetics/Nutrition”. I knew she knew a thing or two about nutrition so when I heard she changed her diet and got all refined sugars from out of her life I had to ask how she did it. Continue reading

Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies At 96

jack lalanne

Do you think that man could ever make a machine that the only way you could hurt it is don’t use it? Could man make a machine that in every 90 days practically every cell changes? Think about this.” -Jack LaLanne

American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died Sunday, January 23 at his home in California surrounded by family and friends. He was 96. Continue reading

What’s On Your Plate Gedi of potholesinmyblog.com?

Seven questions designed to let me get all in your business while showing others people can choose and change their diets all the time. No judgments here I just want to know what’s on your plate?

Name: Gedi Dabakaeri aka soulsupreme
Occupation: Managing Editor/Blogger at potholesinmyblog.com
Twitter: @Gedi

How would you describe your dietary choices?

I would categorize as my diet as “pretty close to vegetarian” since I don’t eat any red meat.

What shaped this diet?

Being more health conscious and personal preferences shaped my diet. I stopped eating red meat after in ’05 two years after I moved out on my own. I think once you live on your own the process of finding yourself continues and diet/food choices are no different. Continue reading

Sign Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition

I believe that every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food.

Too many people are being affected by what they eat.

It’s time for a national revolution.

America needs to stand up for better food! ~Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver’s on a mission to to save America’s cooking skills and improve school food. If you agree with his mission sign Jamie’s petition at jamieoliver.com. You can rollover your state to see how many people signed the petition where you are. Continue reading

My Top 5 Ways For Getting More Fruit In My Daily Diet

This post was inspired by 10 easy ways to get more fruit in your diet everyday at savvybrown.com, several trips to Whole Foods and pounds of expensive, spoiled fruit.

Savvy Brown has a whole 10 on her list, I know that for a fact cause I read more than just the title! I thought about it on my trip to the supermarket today and I realized I should share what I went through in finding a way for me to realistically get some fruit in my daily diet.

These are the 3 things that I have had to do before a packaged food eater like I was could even get started on Savvy Brown’s list. If you’re anything like me you’ll need this extra basic beginner’s list first too. Continue reading

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