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QUOTE: “Violence Is Woven Into Every Walmart T-Shirt”

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Apple has been in the news as of late due to controversy surrounding how their workers are treated at factories like Foxconn. Even Nike was in the news recently since one of their Indonesian factories had to pay their workers $1 million in overdue overtime pay. This is all very common though. Story of Stuff takes you through where your stuff comes from and where it goes when you’re done with it. We mainly just consider the time that we have the stuff we want not what happened before or after it was in our hands.

What’s outlined in this quote from the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet by Lierre Keith above is most likely far more common than we know. And it’s not just about Walmart. As consumers we have the power to withhold our money from companies that do this to their workers. As citizens we have the power to fight for an end to this kind of abuse on local, national and international levels.

You also have the option of going with organic cotton for your t-shirts from reputable companies which can reduce a number of these ills though not all of course.

12 Ways To Avoid Or Stop Genetically Modified Cotton

Photo Credit: “Feeding cotton seeds, in New South Wales” by Cgoodwin

Now that you read 5 Things You Need To Know About Cotton Or You’ll Die Twice what do you do with all the new things you learned? Die twice? Get angry? Hide under the bed? Well, you can’t die twice (I’m sure you’re relieved). Anger is acceptable and appropriate in this situation. Hiding under the bed is not. Some of the suggestions here are personal and can rid or reduce GE cotton in your life and your family’s lives, but that’s not enough. It’s important to help others.

So what can you do? Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Cotton Or You’ll Die Twice


It’s the cash crop enslaved Africans in America were forced to pick, as close as family and probably what you’re wearing right now. Yet much like our food there’s so much most of us don’t know about the fabric of our lives. Here’s 5 things need to know about cotton. Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Genetically Modified Foods Or You’ll Die Twice

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Photo Credit: “Pannocchia sgranata” by Luigi Chiesa

  What are GMOs? 
GMO stands for genetically modified organism. It is any organism that has been altered genetically, usually through the transfer of DNA from another organism. It may also be called a GEO, genetically engineered organism or just GM for genetically modified.

Are GMOs bad for you?

There are several reasons GMOs are bad for you. One is Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: If The White House Garden Grew Subsidized Crops


It’s not really an infographic but this image is from Kitchen Gardeners International, and shows the layout of the Spring 2011 White House garden. The contrasting image shows what the White House Garden would look like if it was planted with subsidized crops from the Food and Farm Bill. Yes, that’s where your taxpayer dollars are going- not just to war but to subsidize corn, soy, cotton, wheat, rice and little more. Continue reading