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What I Wanted To See At Occupy Wall Street


So to be clear, as a New York City resident I did not actually go to Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti/Liberty Park in Manhattan. I did get to Out of the Park and into the Streets. 99% Day of Action in November. I can tell you what I saw at Out of the Park, what I wanted to see at Occupy Wall Street and I can also tell I finally saw what I wanted to see at Occupy Wall Street at Occupy Oakland. More on that later. First up, what I wanted to see at Occupy Wall Street. Continue reading

Tavis Smiley Ends State Of The Black Union– What Now?


Talk show host Tavis Smiley has decided to end his annual State of the Black Union Conference. In 2005 the conference spawned the book “Covenant with Black America,” about issues in black community.

In more recent times the conference took a very critical tone towards President Barack Obama.

“[The State of the Black Union] doesn’t have the premium that it used to have – and that’s a good thing,” Tavis Smiley, The Associated Press.

Seems to me Obama as the first Black president was such a game changer conference regulars weren’t sure how to react. Which is fine because many of us didn’t, but I find their harsh tone is suspicious. As a nightly half-hour talk show host on PBS Smiley has facilitated many conversations about President Obama not being Black enough, acknowledging Black people, and not standing up for Black people enough.

I think the last criticism is valid because Continue reading

Michael Jackson The Environmentalist And Humanitarian


Just when you thought it was over, yep, another Michael Jackson post, but it’s his birthday…I know, but look how nice he’s being to that baby tiger. Awww.

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson.

One of the things I have learned about mourning in my own life is that sometimes it’s necessary to mourn someone on different levels. We all have different sides to our selves and different passions. In the media onslaught in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death he was mourned as a musical genius, an alleged pedophile, an icon. But Michael Jackson didn’t get mourned enough in my opinion as a person who cared about people and the environment. Continue reading