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Supreme Court Oks Animal Cruelty Videos

The Supremes, Special thanks to AP215 for this pic

So maybe that title is a bit misleading. Really what The Supremes did is shoot down a federal law that banned the creation and selling of animal cruelty videos including dogfighting. These videos feature “conduct in which a living animal is intentionally maimed, mutilated, tortured, wounded or killed.”

Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority for the 8-1 decision. Who was the one holdout? Justice Alito and wrote the dissent saying the majority analysis would protect “depraved entertainment.”

Animal cruelty is illegal in every state so why shouldn’t footage of it be illegal also?

To be fair, unfortunately, though this ruling may seem outrageous, especially considering laws on child pornography, The Supremes are bound sometimes by these tricky things called laws. Continue reading

Black Farmers Hold Press Conference For $1.5 Billion

UPDATE: “Congress failed to approve $1.15 billion by a March 31 deadline so now the Obama administration cannot allocate $1.25 billion to settle decades-old discrimination lawsuits with black farmers. The deal, one of the largest civil rights settlements in history, was to compensate black farmers left out of federal farm loan and assistance programs due to racism. Lawmakers left for a 2 week break on Friday without approving the deal, leaving it in limbo.” ~aaenvironment.blogspot.com

Surprise, surprise some farmers are actually Black! These farmers are upset about discrimination they have faced over the years in U.S. Department of Agriculture programs. The Black farmers say they have been systematically denied loans, crop subsidies and government aid while their white counterparts did not. I guess that’s why some call the USDA “the last plantation”. Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader Talk Health Care, Politics & More

Photo Credit: AP Photo

In the pic above Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, accompanies President Barack Obama as they arrive at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Monday, March 15, 2010, en route to Strongsville, Ohio, where the president was to speak about health care reform.

My guess is it was on that while on Air Force One with the president Kucinich got a nice firm hand on the shoulder and an offer he couldn’t refuse. Can you imagine the president menacingly wielding an aluminum baseball bat?

In this video Rep. Dennis Kucinich and perpetual presidential candidate Ralph Nader discuss health care, politics and the war in Iraq.

Democracy Now! is hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Amy Goodman was nominated one of sofreshandsogreen.com’s Top 5 White People Worth Interrupting Black History Month For which you can read by clicking HERE.

Src: democracynow.org


Far as I know here you’re in trouble. Where it says about 30% are unemployed. That’s why I’m working hard to get this surplus food here.

Some of you say to me ‘Well I’m not like you. I’m not a congressman. Uhhh I haven’t had education. Uhhh I haven’t got work…Uhhh…’ But you’re a human being.

And do you know what you’ve got?

You’ve got in your hand the power to use your vote and to use even those few cents you get from welfare to spend them only where you want to spend them. ~Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. was the congressman who represented Harlem between 1945 and 1971. He was also the pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.

While in congress Powell headed the powerful Education and Labor Committee which managed to pass a record number of bills including public school desegregation bills and bills that made lynching a federal crime.

At a time when congress can’t seem to get anything progressive passed it is that much more of an impressive feat that Powell was able to accomplish what he did while the country was still so racially polarized. Continue reading