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10 Things You Didn’t Know You CAN’T Compost

Photo credit: “Real Compost,” Kessner Photography

In April, we posted a list of ten things you may not have known you could compost. So of course we had to do a list about things you didn’t know you can’t compost.

  • Black walnut tree leaves and twigs (Releases substances that may be harmful to plants)
  • Chemically treated yard trimmings (May kill organisms beneficial to composting)
  • Coal or charcoal ashes (May contain substances that are harmful to plants)
  • Cooked vegetables (This one is debatable)
  • Dairy products (Attracts rodents, flies)
  • Diapers (Unless they’re made from 100% compostable materials)
  • Diseased or insect-ridden plants (Might transfer to other plants)
  • Fats and oils (Attracts pests)
  • Meat or fish bones/scraps (Attracts pests, odor problems)
  • Pet wastes (May contain parasites, viruses)

Src: epa.gov/epawaste


Jay Z “Greens” His Restaurants, Including New Chicken Spot

Above: Jay Z dines with Warren Buffett, not at the new chicken spot.

I’ve seen him wear fur, but I don’t know what Jay Z’s record is with the environment or if he recycles. I did find out Jay Z recently invested in a local restaurant called Buffalo Boss in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, with his mother, sister and cousin. Continue reading