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10 Things You Didn’t Know You CAN’T Compost

Photo credit: “Real Compost,” Kessner Photography

In April, we posted a list of ten things you may not have known you could compost. So of course we had to do a list about things you didn’t know you can’t compost.

  • Black walnut tree leaves and twigs (Releases substances that may be harmful to plants)
  • Chemically treated yard trimmings (May kill organisms beneficial to composting)
  • Coal or charcoal ashes (May contain substances that are harmful to plants)
  • Cooked vegetables (This one is debatable)
  • Dairy products (Attracts rodents, flies)
  • Diapers (Unless they’re made from 100% compostable materials)
  • Diseased or insect-ridden plants (Might transfer to other plants)
  • Fats and oils (Attracts pests)
  • Meat or fish bones/scraps (Attracts pests, odor problems)
  • Pet wastes (May contain parasites, viruses)

Src: epa.gov/epawaste


Jay Z “Greens” His Restaurants, Including New Chicken Spot

Above: Jay Z dines with Warren Buffett, not at the new chicken spot.

I’ve seen him wear fur, but I don’t know what Jay Z’s record is with the environment or if he recycles. I did find out Jay Z recently invested in a local restaurant called Buffalo Boss in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, with his mother, sister and cousin. Continue reading

Learning About “Green” From Mos Def In New Orleans

I don’t care about anything else but my people being free. Everything else is low priority.

My career, any brass rings that they hand out to me, I don’t give a shit. I don’t feel comfortable with my quote unquote success.

I feel like it’s just the most ephemeral, fantasy set of circumstances to live in if I can have that but this shit is going on.

Then who the fuck am I? Nobody.

And if I don’t use the power that I’ve been given in the world to address this shit then I might as well just go lay in the casket.

And just, you know, just go lay down. ~Mos Def

These videos from 2-cent.com, no relation, are from 2009 when they took rapper/actor/singer “Mr. Do It All” Mos Def to a post Katrina New Orleans. Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Styrofoam Or You’ll Die Twice


What is Styrofoam?
Styrofoam is a “light, resilient polystyrene plastic”. In 1950, Dow Chemical Co. trademarked the name.~dictionary.com

You’ve never had coffee from a Styrofoam cup!
That’s what Dow Chemical Co. says. Starting in 1942 Styrofoam has been used by the Coast Guard then the U.S. Navy as insulation which is it’s current use. “there isn’t a coffee cup, cooler or packaging material in the world made from STYROFOAM. These common disposable items are typically white in color and are made of expanded polystyrene beads.” ~building.dow.com So that’s what we’ve been using, polystyrene. They’ve asked that we call these products “foam” instead. Continue reading

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