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How Much “Hidden” Water Do We Use Everyday?

coe vs goat water usage

How much water was used to produce that morning cup of coffee you enjoyed? What about in that evening glass of pinot noir? These are the type of questions that we sometimes don’t consider, but should. Luckily, the like-minded people at nationalgeographic.com have created an interactive tool to raise awareness of just how much water is utilized in a number of our daily staples.

wine water usage

The aptly titled nationalgeographic.com article How Much Water Is Embedded In Everyday Life?
includes a tool which compares the water usage of items or individually examines their impact. Tools like this give great perspective on just how much consumption and waste impact our most valuable resource, water. Try it yourself at nationalgeographic.com

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Today Is Record Store Day: Beastie Boys Donate Record Sales To Japan Relief


Today is Record Store Day. It’s celebrated worldwide and this year the Beastie Boys have made their 7” single for “Make Some Noise/Make Some Noise (Passion Pit remix)” available in the US with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross Japan Relief fund. Continue reading

Could Your Smartphone Be Covering Up A Health Problem?

Drake iPhone

People use their smartphones for everything these days from taking photos to watching movies. As I sat in a coffee shop by the window I watched mobile phone carriers whizzing past on the busy New York City streets.

I don’t mean like brain cancer from cell phone radiation.  I mean beforehand, before someone even got the phone and built it into their life.  What if people already had health problems and their phones  were covering them up? Continue reading

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put Water In It

This is no slick gimmick to get you to drink more water I swear. The recent nytimes.com article “To Enhance Flavor, Just Add Water” [1] suggests adding water can enhance the flavor of beverages. Coffee brewed with more water than ground coffee could make a tastier cup of joe.

On to alcohol. Now you might be thinking what I was thinking: “What do I want with a watered down drink?” As it turns out adding water to a drink can enhance the flavor “exactly because it dilutes other ingredients and can change their balance for the better.” Continue reading

Why Buy Organic Cotton?

Above is a pic from a racist cotton ad campaign you can read about at contexts.org

Recently non-profit Organic Exchange released a list of top organic cotton buyers. Nike, Walmart and European clothing retailer H&M topped the list and which I wrote about HERE.

I was surprised by European ultra trendy retailer H&M was embroiled in a green scandal earlier this year, where they were said to have been committing organic cotton fraud. They sold clothes labeled as “certified-organic cotton” when it was actually genetically modified cotton from India.

Farmers in Haiti are set to burn genetically modified seeds donated by herbicide manufacturer Monsanto so it’s understood globally that genetically modified crops are bad news.

But still some may ask why would anybody want to buy organic cotton? Continue reading

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