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LYRICS TO GO: Immortal Technique’s “Beef and Broccoli”

This song was chosen because the lyrics pretty much say it all.

Song: Immortal Technique- “Beef and Broccoli”
From the Album: Revolutionary, Vol. 1, 2001

Nobody likes a self righteous person, but what’s even worse is a self righteous person that wants to tell you what’s on your plate is wrong! I heard this song right after such an incident and found it to be so complete. Really, there is nothing else to say… Continue reading

99¢ Pizza Is The Truth

New York City pizza is a thing of beauty. I’ve know many who have gone on diets and lost weight successfully but still won’t give up their NYC pizza. nytimes.com recently did a story on the 99¢ pizza.

I think they’re kind of late on this one. I am a connoisseur of all fine things including pizza. I can tell you 99¢ pizza is the truth and has been for some time now. Continue reading

An Interview With Artist And NYC Bodega Enthusiast Josh Goldstein Part 2

“Vectorized” Josh Goldstein by Madam Toussaint

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Josh Goldstein. If you missed the first part you can click on An Interview With Artist And NYC Bodega Enthusiast Josh Goldstein Part 1. In this last half of Josh’s interview we learn how the dynamic artist feels about the graffiti scene, Chinese food take out menus and his own “Happy Family”. We also discuss the color purple (not the movie) and how he feels about the color green (the color and the environment).

MT: What kind of gear do you use to take your photos?

JG: Trade secret…ok fine, a Canon Power Shot.

supermarket1Supermarket Chain (2003), photo on russian baltic birch multi-ply plywood, 48″x8″, private collection, Brooklyn, New York

MT: When I see your work I can see Hip Hop has clearly been an influence on you. Were you ever on the graffiti scene? Who are your favorite graffiti artists? If want to see dope graffiti in NYC where should I visit?

JG: Damn, I wish I could say I was, but the truth is I was too busy collecting baseball cards in Indiana. Favorite graf/street artists- Doze Green, Banksy of course, Swoon, Lee Quinones, Taki 183, and the guy who wrote “gang mafia” on the wall of the bodega on my corner.

Best place to see dope graffiti? 5 Pointz in Long Island City for sure- best seen out of the left side of a Flushing-bound 7 train. Also check out the piece on Continue reading