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VIDEO: The Harvest/La Cosecha Tells The Story Of The Children Who Feed America

When we Americans think of dingy factories where ten year olds toil for fifty cents a day, we think of places far from here. But we’d be wrong. The recent documentary The Harvest/La Cosecha by Enrique Lopetegui exposes child labor right here at home.

The Harvest/La Cosecha is produced by Shine Global, a non-profit, whose mission: is: “ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change.” Continue reading

Yet Another Reason To Put Down That Cigarette?

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If there wasn’t enough of a reason to stop smoking NYU has provided an additional reason. Apparently, second hand smoke is now being link to diminished hearing in children.

In the study conducted by NYU’s Medical School, it was noted that second hand smoke affects the blood supply to the ear. The diminished blood supply can eventually cause congenital deafness as the child ages.

Dr. Michael Wietzman of NYU sees a correlation between children’s hearing and their focus in school. He believes many children perceived as ‘trouble makers’ in actuality, just have difficulty hearing and thus lose interest in what’s occurring in the classroom. This would also explain the craze of over diagnosing children with ADD and ADHD.

Lena Horne & Kermit The Frog Sing “Bein’ Green”

Kermit: I’m green, it’ll do fine.

Lena Horne: You’re beautiful and I think it’s what I want to be

What could be fresher or greener than this? It saddens me that aside from all of her many talents and accomplishments, Lena Horne’s character and strength doesn’t seem to exist in so many performers today. Even the frankness and honesty with which she explained how she came into knowing about herself and Black people seems to me unrivaled today. Continue reading

Master P & Romeo Join The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

This organization’s purpose is to build a society that helps to motivate our young people to aspire for greatness, by being fit and healthy through education, entertainment and music.

The school tour is committed to educating the community on healthy eating and the benefits of physical activity to reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity.” ~Romeo Miller said of It’s Time Kids.

Romeo Miller, formerly Lil Romeo was named national spokesperson for It’s Time Kids organization’s “It’s Time to Fatten Our Brain’s Not Our Bodies” campaign to promote healthy living. It’s Time Kids is an Urban Born 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization program to get inner-city youth on the right track mentally and physically.

Romeo and his father Percy miller, formerly Master P, visited the Wendy Williams Show to talk about childhood obesity and their support of First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama’s anti childhood obesity initiatives. The 2 join The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, Cookie Monster and others in supporting the First Lady and bringing attention to this important cause. Continue reading

What’s An Easter Basket Without Candy?

Photo Credit: Sea Turtle
Photo Credit: Sea Turtle

I guess the short answer is healthy. The longer answer is addressed in a list on about.com featuring 50 ways to fill an Easter basket and nowhere on this list is candy.

It’s not just sugar in a chocolate bunny worth avoiding here, there’s also the dyes, especially that funny tasting one on those marshmallow chicks. Another consideration allergies. You might as well through food sensitivities in there too. Continue reading

Chef Jamie Oliver Made Wendy Williams Cry…Then He Fed Her!

I know I’m such a snitch, but at the risk of getting stitches for that I had to post this.It’s all true- I have pictures.

Chef Jamie Oliver is bringing his food revolution to America and promoting healthy diets for kids all across the country not unlike our new first lady Michelle Obama.

Wendy showed a clip of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” which brought her to tears…then he fed her! Continue reading

Pepsi To Turn Their Products Into Health Foods

We believe that a healthier future for all people and our planet means a more successful future for PepsiCo,” said Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo chairman and chief executive officer.

PepsiCo Inc is looking to cut salt, sugar and saturated fats levels in its top-selling products.

According to reuters.com: “It also would reduce the average saturated fat per serving by 15% by 2020, and cut the average added sugar per serving in key global beverage brands by 25% by 2020.”

I like how their goals are so far into in the future, but they do have one goal set to take place next year: Last week Pepsi said it would stop peddling sugary soft drinks to primary and secondary schools on a globally by 2012. Continue reading

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