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Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes


There are many reasons to stop eating or eating less meat that we don’t need to get into right now because all of them are very unsexy. It’s Valentine’s Day and that may or may not mean anything to you but we believe that giving is green and love is a part of environmentalism so here’s a few ways you can create a green Valentine’s (or any) Day.

PBS Food gives a few courses for your meal. If you want to have meat they have a few more romantic recipes for Romance and for those on a Budget.

Grist also has Your last-minute guide to a sustainable Valentine’s Day

Enjoy your day either way!

Photo Credit: “A popular vegetarian option, the 600 Calorie Mango Veggie Stir Fry” by Silver Diner

VIDEO: Do It For The Kids- Nelly Furtado Donates $1 Million To Charity

Nelly Furtado donation

“I believe in children, I believe in youth, and I believe in empowering girls…At the end of the day this is about girls empowerment and about sustainability…I’m giving this gift because I was inspired by my visit to Kenya. I left a part of my heart in Kenya and I can’t wait to go back.” -Nelly Furtado

Grammy award-winner and new Free The Children ambassador Nelly Furtado announced at We Day Toronto that she will be donating $1,000,000 to Free The Children to build a second girls secondary school in Kenya. This isn’t just some feel good story for you to sit back and read and think to yourself “Hmm, that’s nice.” Nelly Furtado wants you to get involved. Continue reading

Jay-Z Wants To Invite You To A Carnival If You Have $1,000 Lying Around

jay z charity carnival tickets

Jay-Z is throwing a carnival themed charity event for his Shawn Carter Foundation on September 29th. The money raised will go to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund to help students pay for higher education. There will be classic carnival rides but don’t expect the usual carnival food. The event will be catered by former pork fanatic chef David Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar and the eco-conscious restaurant Jay-Z partly owns, Spotted Pig. Here’s your invitation scfcarnival.com

Also, don’t expect the usual carnival prizes. Reportedly there will be Continue reading

charity: water’s World Water Day “UNSHAKEN” Campaign For Haiti

The folks at charity: water have been working in Haiti along with Wyclef’s Yelé Haiti, The American Red Cross, Haitian singer Alan Cavé’s We-Care-Haiti and many other organizations. charity: water works specifically to give clean drinking water to to people. According to their website:

Ever since the massive earthquake struck Haiti, charity: water has been working with our partners on the ground to find solutions to the growing water needs.

Over a million people have been displaced from Port-au-Prince, and the need for clean water in the rural areas is greater than ever.

charity: water has identified 11 areas that need help now.

We know exactly how much money is needed, and as always will use 100% of donations to directly fund projects, proving each one using photos and GPS. Continue reading

An Interview With Haitian Singer Alan Cave’s Charity We Care-Haiti Pt2

Photo Credit: Project Medishare

Transparency is an important issue for an organization that asks for your money. If you missed the first part of the interview you can check it out HERE.

In this part of my interview with Myrtho Cave, the president of We Care-Haiti sponsored by ACMEF and the wife of Alan Cave, the lead singer of the Haitian band ZIN (one of the most popular Haitian Konpa music bands) we discussed where its own donation money goes. Continue reading

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