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Economists Say Climate Change Is Bad For The Economy


The economy is in trouble, but we already knew that. So what’s new? Well, 144 top economists were surveyed by the New York University School of Law and most agree climate change is a threat to the United States and the global economy.

84% of those surveyed agreed the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment present a “clear and present danger” to those economies.

Most also agreed the sectors hardest hit would be the agriculture, followed by fishing and forestry.

This may sound harmless but if agriculture takes a serious hit we will have problems feeding ourselves… I mean even more than the problems we are currently having feeding ourselves.


Economists’ responses to the statement: “The environmental effects of greenhouse-gas emissions, as described by leading scientific experts, create significant risks to important sectors of the United States and global economy.”

Senators continue to debate whether or not climate change is a threat. Sadly is seems we are still in the Bush era of fact equals opinion, particularly when it comes to science.

So what about a solution? Continue reading

King Of The Hill Handles Selling Carbon Offsets


King of the Hill aired their series finally Sunday and it kind of sucks for me to see it go. I avoided it like the plague for years but more recently came to really appreciate the show. Especially when they made dead on commentary about what’s going on in the world these days. Their episode about carbon offsets was dope and I thought illustrated what carbon offsets in a way that’s easy to understand. Sometimes the language and the jargon of going green is so unclear. Continue reading