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VIDEO: What I Wanted To See At Occupy Wall Street, Author Lierre Keith At Occupy Oakland

lierre keith occupy oakland

Well, I think in the Occupy movements this is probably what I’ve been waiting to see all this time. This video is what prompted me to write What I Wanted To See At Occupy Wall Street And What I Actually Saw because at Occupy Oakland I finally felt I got to see what I wanted and needed to see at these Occupy movements given the state of things. Continue reading

A New Contract With The Planet

A Bolivian Guarani native woman at the Cochabamba Conference

On April 22, the 40th Earth Day, in Cochabamba, Bolivia the nation’s president Evo Morales organized an alternative to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference Accord. People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth was forged. There were 25,000 Bolivian climate activists, politicians, intellectuals, scientists and celebrities, more than 15,000 indigenous people and thousands of grass roots groups from over 100 countries in attendance. Read more about it HERE

Topics discussed included local agriculture, the rights of indigenous people, halting climate change and social reconstruction.

They site imperialism and specifically capitalism as the major cause of our warming planet. On May 7th Morales took this new contract with the planet to the United Nations. This is some of what those in attendance put forward as a better approach to the issue of climate change. Do you think you could agree to some of this? Continue reading

Michael Moore’s “Capitalism- A Love Story” Trailer


Oh goodie, controversial director Michael Moore is back with another highly watchable documentary. I’m sure there are people who hate documentaries but his are pretty entertaining. I’ve been checking out his work since Roger & Me, his first film in 1989, a documentary about when General Motors closed down its factories in Flint, Michigan and outsourced manufacturing to low paid Mexican workers. Continue reading