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Burger King Will Give It To You Your Way Now With Home Delivery

burger king home delivery

Now you can have the home of the Whopper come to your home as fast food giant Burger King rolls out at home delivery service. Burger King delivers in countries like Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia and Peru but the service in new to the states and has so far only been offered in select stores in Maryland and Virginia.

Hopefully the pic above is not what they mean home delivery, and anyway if the Burger King shows up to your door just know he doesn’t work for the fast food burger joint anymore since he was fired a few months ago. Continue reading

Burger King Fires “The King”, Switches To “Healthier” Fast Food Image

burger king king

When I was a kid in the 90s, Burger King had some seriously recognizable ad appeal. The BK Kid’s Club with the golden cardboard crowns and array of crazy characters was alluring to any and all 5 to 10 year olds. Fast forward to the mid 2000’s when Burger King was losing grip on the fast food market and introduced “The King”. It undoubtedly had a magnetism for teens who found the characters’ bizarre antics entertaining, but apparently, ‘The King’ just wasn’t entertaining enough. Burger King revealed the character received his pink slip and would now be replaced with a pseudo-Subway approach to advertisement; fresh ingredients. Continue reading

Fat Bomb: Kraft Introduces The Triple Double Oreo


I’m starting to think Kraft, particularly with it’s Oreo cookies, are leading the pack in the “Let’s Make a New Horrific Twist On An Old Junk Food Favorite” game. I guess they didn’t want to be outdone by KFC’s Double Down or Burger King’s burger/pizza baby so they’ve introduced the Triple Double Oreo, which has Continue reading

PETA Wants Flavor Flav To Make New Chicken Restaurant Vegetarian


“After reading about the debacle involving employees of your fried-chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa, whose paychecks bounced, we’re writing to encourage you to bounce one more thing — cruelty — and make your restaurant vegetarian.”

Flavor Flav is coming under fire from PETA for having a chicken restaurant. Media coordinator for PETA, Shakira Croce, says the organization is Continue reading

Kanye West Expands Fatburger Empire


The name of the store was my idea. I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it . . . a meal in itself.” ~Lovie Yancey, founder of Fatburger

Quincy Jones may think Kanye West is “just a rapper” West doesn’t see himself that way. He sees himself as a business man. The Chicago native’s company, Kw Foods Llc, purchased the rights to the Fatburger fast food franchise and will open 10 restaurants around his hometown over the next few months. Continue reading

Wendy’s Introduces Natural Fries With Skin On And Sea Salt


We want every ingredient to be a simple ingredient, to be one you can pronounce and one your grandmother would recognize in her pantry,” said Chief Marketing Officer Ken Calwell

In an effort to get fast food to seem less like fast food or processed food, popular chains are looking to rehabilitate their images with healthier options. Fast food burger chain Wendy’s is introducing “natural cut fries” that will have the skin still on and sea salt. Continue reading

The Top 5 “Healthiest” Fast Food Restaurants


Most of us don’t associate the words “fast food” with the word “healthy” but Shine at yahoo.com has recently put out a list of the Top 5 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants. Honestly, I’ve read suspect healthy foods posts on Shine before so I thought I’d check out what they were pushing around on the internets. Continue reading

How Jamie Oliver Can Help You Get $2 Burrito At Chipotle On Halloween

Ah Halloween, here you are yet again making strange bedfellows.  This time Halloween is in bed with Chef Jamie Oliver and Chipotle but candy is nowhere to be found.  This is how you get your $2 burrito and more, but there’s a catch. Continue reading

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