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Earth Day: The Point Of It All

I like to think it’s Earth Day Every Day on this site and while I realize treehugger.com will probably have some great stuff today for you as usual, I’ve decided to give you something you can’t get there- what I’ve learned about Earth Day.

As I’ve written before I grew up with a love of nature and science but I’ve considered that as a Black person interested in the environment I may have gotten into this in a different way than The Great Majora Carter and The Great Van Jones. As a teen I was able to take my love of nature into the classroom. In high school I was desperate to avoid chemistry class. It seemed hard and uninteresting. I managed to get Environmental Science class which I took for a year.

Finally, my chance to study this and get credit for it. My first class didn’t disappoint. My teacher was a young, cool white dude with cool, young white dude hair- I know you know what that is. He came in with Continue reading

Census Numbers For Black Folks Still Inaccurate

I recently filled out my census, albeit late, but I saw something that upset me on the census form. No, it wasn’t the word Negro, that’s the least of my problems here. My issue is in the very first part of the questionnaire where it clearly states “Do not count anyone in a nursing home, jail, prison, detention facility, etc., on April 1, 2010.”

The census form then states these persons may be counted twice so they should be left off your form. My issue here is that persons in prisons are counted as residents where they are incarcerated so they’re not counted where they’re from. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: My Issues With March 9th

The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th” ~Canibus

We all remember that line from Canibus on the anniversary of the day that the Notorious B.I.G. died. Maybe we should take this as a good time to remember Canibus too. He’s still making music that you don’t seem to care about.

Anyway, it’s not his day, it’s Biggie’s, but I take issue with a few things here. Continue reading

Black Males Are More Unemployed Than Anyone Else


Are you unemployed, all non void? If you are chances are you are a male. This great recession is being called a “he-cession” by some due to the staggering levels of male unemployment this time around.

The loss of male dominated industries like manufacturing is considered a major cause for this. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gives us more information on who theses males are and surprise surprise many of them are Black males.

Maybe you and I don’t need stats to tell us this but these studies can be necessary, particularly when dealing with government funded aid when race is involved, to “justify” the release of funds to specific groups. Anyway, it’s good to be informed.

Pac Div- “Young Black Male”

Lest you find yourself in danger of viewing young Black males as an abstract group of people you can’t relate to Pac Div has decided to let you know what their plight is from the horse’s mouth. This song was more surprising than these stats for me and didn’t sound like what I thought it would based on what I heard from them before and the title.

I like these guys. They don’t sound like what I knew the West Coast to sound like years ago which is what new, younger artists should do. Not only do they change who they sound like to me from track to track, they talk about things a regular person can relate too. Imagine that a rap song with lyrics you can relate to- Outrageous!

Many Black males were unemployed, like TV show patriarch James Evans was, during the “good times” this country had so when the economy takes a dive even more Black males are unemployed right along with those who haven’t been employed in years. Continue reading

Dr. Roxanne Shante Got Her Record Label To Pay For Her Ph.D.

Roxanne Shante with BBP eco bag..(Photo by Peter Beste)

UPDATE: Roxanne Shante’s claims have been proven false by slate.com

New York Daily News recently featured an article on how Queensbridge rapper Roxanne Shante became Roxanne Shante Ph.D. At the age of 14 the rap icon was on top of the world with “Roxanne’s Revenge,” a response record to UTFO’s hit “Roxanne, Roxanne.” By her second album the pioneer learned industry rule #4080 firsthand when her record company ripped her off.

At 19 she was a teen mother still living in Queensbridge Houses when she decided to pursue a clause in her recording contract. That clause stated Warner Music would fund her education for life.

Edo G Featuring Pete Rock- “School ‘Em”

I like Roxanne Shante’s attitude toward education and her each one teach one type posture. Mental health is an issue in the Black community as it is in any community though I think we are reluctant to address it as though seeking mental health is a luxury we can’t afford. I appreciate that she takes the time to counsel young women in the industry.

According to nydailynews.com: “She eventually cashed in, earning a Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell to the tune of $217,000 Continue reading