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VIDEO: Big Boi Talks Fried Food And Gas Prices In Mini Documentary “The Crown Life”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Big Boi’s life as he performed during the 2011 Grammy Awards weekend; inside his studio, Stankonia, as he prepares for his latest projects; and an evening out on the town in his hometown of Atlanta with stops at his favorite spots to unwind.

In the video he also talks about trying to avoid fast food and drops a hilarious gem about where we’re headed with gas prices.

DOWNLOAD: Janelle Monáe Remixes & Vuvuzela Duet With Will Ferrell

Really, Janelle?” ~Seth Meyers, ESPY Awards host

I’m sure she gets that a lot.

July found a post World Cup funnyman Will Ferrell in the role of Jeff Vuvuzela, alleged inventor of the notorious plastic horn. Apparently he cut an album with the non lesbian, pro android lover herself Janelle Monáe. The pair performed a song off their 40 track album at the ESPY Awards which you can watch below. Continue reading

Janelle Monae Performs “Tightrope” On The David Letterman Show

I’m a fan. Janelle Monae can do all. She’s beautiful, she sings, she dances. She sings well and with a polish you don’t hear anymore. She’s so Judy garland to me. Would it kill some of these singers to enunciate?

Oh what a change of pace Janelle Monae is from the usual minimally talented R&B strumpets in various states of undress. I’ve had more than one conversation along the lines of “Damn, why can’t she get a break?”

She’s down with Diddy now and that concerns me greatly. In fact Jay Electronica hanging out with Diddy also greatly concerns me. Wherever they are I hope Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and maybe Homeboy Sandman stay far far away from Sean Papa Diddy Pop Combs.

Can I be in a country that supports good American art without moving to Europe? Ditch the leak and buy the album. Continue reading

Rise In Mental Health Issues At Colleges

I can't help but to wonder how much The Soprano's encouraged people to go to therapy.
I can't help but to wonder how much The Soprano's encouraged people to go to therapy.

On college campuses across the nation there is a rise in the number of students seeking psychiatric help. National surveys of campus therapists show the numbers are higher than ever before.

The problems range form clinical depression to anxiety to eating disorders. Campus therapists are claiming a rise in the number of students seeking psychiatric help and an increase in the severity of the problems that need to be addressed.

Experts say today’s teens aren’t more disturbed than previous generations, but the screening processes and earlier diagnosis of mental health issues are likely to be the cause for the surge.

Big Boi feat. George Clinton & Too $hort- “For Your Sorrows”

Sure, this song isn’t really about sympathy for your sorrows, but aside from the haughty hook courtesy of George Clinton, Big Boi expresses his concerns for young folks. He even quotes some dubious statistics though he still makes the grade here. This is one of my favorites for this year.

Src: Colleges See Rise In Mental Health Issues