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FDA Makes Tougher Rules For Antibiotic Abuse On The Animals We Eat

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You did know the animals you eat are given antibiotics on a regular basis didn’t you? Well, on Wednesday “the Food and Drug Administration announced the new rule Wednesday after trying for more than 35 years to stop farmers and ranchers from feeding antibiotics to cattle, pigs, chickens and other animals simply to help the animals grow larger.” Those animals are NOT sick, they are perfectly healthy to begin with before being drugged. Continue reading

Have A Drink…Then Eat The Cup?

Welcome to the future, I guess. Here we have a product that is disposable but so eco friendly if you throw it away it helps plants grow while also being edible. New York-based design consultancy The Way We See The World has developed disposable cups called Jelloware made of agar agar, a gelatin derived from algae and used as an ingredient in desserts. Continue reading

Architect Wins Innovation Prize For Green Bricks

We’re running out of all of our energy sources. Four hundred trees are burned to make 25,000 bricks. It’s a consumption issue, and honestly, it’s starting to scare me.” ~Ginger Krieg Dosier, 2010′s Next Generation Design Competition winner

The 32 year old Dosier is an American architect in Abu Dhabi who won an innovative design prize for her “green” bricks. These bricks are made with sand, common bacteria, calcium chloride and urea (a compound found in urine) in a process called microbial-induced calcite precipitation. The bacteria is non-pathogenic, no heat is used just mixing and what’s greener than reusing what’s in urine?

How is it made? Continue reading

There’s A War Going On Outside No Man Is Safe From: The Soda Tax Wars

Here in New York City there’s a war going on outside no man is safe from. No not that war or those wars, The Soda Tax Wars.

Our mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is calling for a penny-per-ounce tax on soda to deal with budget cuts for health care and education.

Of course this is all under the guise of this new measure being for your own good, after all you and your kids are fat remember? Who can forget this charming anti soda ad?

The fact is the city is looking for money and health issues are a smokescreen for that. I’ve seen ads on TV with a Latino store owner talking about how this tax will hurt his Black, Latino and lower income customers in the Bronx. Check it out below. Continue reading

99¢ Pizza Is The Truth

New York City pizza is a thing of beauty. I’ve know many who have gone on diets and lost weight successfully but still won’t give up their NYC pizza. nytimes.com recently did a story on the 99¢ pizza.

I think they’re kind of late on this one. I am a connoisseur of all fine things including pizza. I can tell you 99¢ pizza is the truth and has been for some time now. Continue reading


Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures: U.S. President Barack Obama gives a thumb’s-up when asked about his health as he walks on the South Lawn of the White House February 28, 2010.

We already knew our president is young but now we know for sure he’s pretty healthy, and still smoking.

At the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Obama’s doctor and the head of the White House medical unit, Jeff Kuhlman, examined him. Dr. Kuhlman pronounced him “fit for duty” adding the president will likely “remain so for the duration of his presidency” in his first check up since taking office.

It’s amazing what you can find out about a President. We can know more about Mr. Obama than many of us know about ourselves!

For example he exercises at least six mornings a week and plays basketball and golf. Unless you’re doing that too he probably still thinks you’re fat though. Continue reading


Somebody stop him!

I’m sure many of us have figured out eating fast food can make you sick, but here’s a little more info on how it makes you sick.

This new study may have you taking a pass on that 2 slices and a large soda for $3 deal.

A recent study in found 48% of the fountain sodas in fast food restaurants contain coliform bacteria. These bacterium are found in feces. That’s right poo.

According to the abstract of the scientists’ report on sciencedirect.comyou can’t blame the type of soda. No difference was found in the amount of microbes between different types of sodas.

You also can’t blame the fast food workers, sort of. No statistical difference in the amount of microbes found between self-service and personnel-dispensed soda fountains.

KEYEL ft. Ahp Qwes (prod. Ahp Qwes)- “Cold Soda “

Ice from these fountain soda machines was also tested and none of the ice samples exceeded U.S. drinking water standards.

Other microbes found were Staphylococcus, E. Coli and Candida among others.

This study suggests these soda fountains a home to small communities of bacteria and other microorganisms. Due to this public health risk stronger regulations are needed to make sure these machines are as hygienic as possible.

Do you need more reasons to drink less soda? Check out this NYC Dept. of Health Ad targeted at getting you to stop drinking soda.

Did you know you can make paper from poo? Click HERE to learn a new way to recycle!

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