5 Things You Need To Know About The Cancer Causing Chemicals In Everyday Life

Photo Credit: “a p p l i e d” by Jesse Wright

What are carcinogens?

Carcinogens are substances or exposures that cause or aggravate cancer.

Where can I find them?

Carcinogens can be found in foods, beauty products, or even cell phones. It was also recently reported that carcinogens were being found in Brazilian blowouts, a popular salon hair straightening process.

Do carcinogens cause cancer immediately?

Generally, no. But different carcinogens have different cancer-causing potential. Some may cause cancer quickly while others require more prolonged exposure.

What are some known carcinogens?

  • Naphthalene, found in tanning beds, mothballs, and coal tars.
  • Formaldehyde, found in many beauty products.
  • Aspartame, found in soft drinks as an artificial sweetener.
  • o-Nitrotoluene, found in dyes.
  • Aluminum, found in antiperspirants.

For a full list, check out Cancer.org.

What can I do to limit my exposure?

Eat organic foods and choose organic or natural hair products. Read ingredient labels and become educated about what you’re putting on and into your body.

Src: http://www.epa.gov/OCEPAterms/cterms.html

5 Things You Need To Know About Genetically Modified Foods Or You’ll Die Twice

Pannocchia sgranata
Photo Credit: “Pannocchia sgranata” by Luigi Chiesa

  What are GMOs? 
GMO stands for genetically modified organism. It is any organism that has been altered genetically, usually through the transfer of DNA from another organism. It may also be called a GEO, genetically engineered organism or just GM for genetically modified.

Are GMOs bad for you?

There are several reasons GMOs are bad for you. One is Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Plastic Bottles Or You’ll Die Twice

Detail at actual size: Plastic Bottles, 2007 by Chris Jordan

The photo above is by Chris Jordan. It is a close up of a photo that “depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.”

Why are plastic bottles in the news anyway?
Plastic bottles are everywhere in today’s society, but they were not just a few decades ago. Bottled water is an very popular product worldwide which is extraordinary considering bottled water as we know today didn’t exist as a product 30-40 years ago.

What’s wrong with plastic bottles?
They are everywhere now and don’t seem to be hurting anyone but their impact can be felt in many ways. Making the plastic bottle requires pollution producing energy. So does the rest of the packaging, shipping, shipping packaging and recycling. Many plastic bottles don’t end up recycled. Instead they are thrown in the garbage or somehow end up in the ocean, and even in the fish we eat. On top of that some plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals called BPA that leaves the bottles and gets into your drink.

What do these harmful chemicals do?
BPA or bisphenol A is considered an is an endocrine disruptor, meaning it messes up your hormones may be the cause of abnormal sexual development or even learning disabilities. This is of great concern for babies because BPA was found in many baby bottles. Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Styrofoam Or You’ll Die Twice


What is Styrofoam?
Styrofoam is a “light, resilient polystyrene plastic”. In 1950, Dow Chemical Co. trademarked the name.~dictionary.com

You’ve never had coffee from a Styrofoam cup!
That’s what Dow Chemical Co. says. Starting in 1942 Styrofoam has been used by the Coast Guard then the U.S. Navy as insulation which is it’s current use. “there isn’t a coffee cup, cooler or packaging material in the world made from STYROFOAM. These common disposable items are typically white in color and are made of expanded polystyrene beads.” ~building.dow.com So that’s what we’ve been using, polystyrene. They’ve asked that we call these products “foam” instead. Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Energy Saving Light Bulbs Or You’ll Die Twice

green-cfl-light-bulbArtwork by Madam Toussaint

What is a green/energy saving light bulb?
They’re called compact fluorescent light bulbs. They’re are the ones with the squiggly top instead of an actual bulb. The ones with the bulb shape at the top or the regular ones are called incandescent light bulbs.

Oprah likes energy saving light bulbs.
On one of her green shows Oprah had on eco enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio on. He endorsed CFL bulbs and so did she. That’s probably a good enough reason to like anything, but they save electricity which is good for the environment and saves you money on your electric bill. They also seem like a good way to do your part and go green.

They can make you sick and harm the environment.
Some of the same components of a regular light bulb are used to make green light bulbs, but what make then efficient is what can harm you: Mercury. Continue reading

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