James Baldwin On The Price Of Poverty #BlackHistoryMonth

sofreshandsogreen james baldwin poor poverty expensive black history month quote

This is one of the more famous quotes from the insightful author. This quote is lifted from his essay ‘Fifth Avenue, Uptown: a Letter from Harlem’ which was published in the July 1960 issue of Esquire, among other places. As a quote Baldwin is addressing a class issue, but as with probably all class issues it is inextricably linked to race. In context with the rest of his essay it’s more clear the author is referring to something more specific to black people, The Black Tax. Continue reading

Actor, Activist Danny Glover On Environmental Racism

Danny Glover environmental racism

Actor, activist Danny Glover has been outspoken on issues before but this quote addresses and area of environmentalism and racism that many don’t know even exists. When you think about it, why wouldn’t it? It’s easy for black people to think we have no stake in environmentalism but the issues of polluted air and high asthma rates in black neighborhoods are something those people have no real response to. It’s clear, black people have a stake in environmentalism and environmental justice. That should never be dismissed because we think it’s something we “just don’t do”!

THis is your Black History Month Quote for today. Check out the archives of BHM Quotes for more!

Beyonce To Launch Vegan Food Delivery Service

See, Beyonce likes green!
See, Beyonce likes green!

Beyonce and her trainer/exercise physiologist Marco Borges, have created 22 Days Nutrition, which delivers plant-based food right to your door. Meals start at $15 each with a variety of delivery plans based on frequency. Last year Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, took a 22-day vegan challenge. Some considered it bandwagon hopping but apparently she considered it a business opportunity.

Recently, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez also did a vegan stunt stint. Maybe the person who brought these celebrities to a place where they wanted to flirt with vegansim was President Bill Clinton who famously converted to a vegan diet after serious health and heart problems. The benefits of a plant based diet are numerous so why would anybody take issue with Beyonce’s new venture? Continue reading

WATCH: “Future Earth” Documentary

Future Earth Documentary

The comments I read on youtube said people needed to “stop blaming cars” but this has to be the most car friendly “environmental documentary” I’ve ever seen. With Wired as the presenter I should have known there would be a heavy technological focus but this takes the whole “technology will save us” theory to another level. Oh did I mention this is apparently sponsored by Shell?
Well you can’t expect for there to be real answers from anything involved with a major oil supplier, only tepid, incremental changes like cars that drive themselves. Even a lo-tech answer taking the fucking bus instead can’t be offered here. Did you know there was a time when people were amazed by railroads? Continue reading

VIDEO: Extreme Green: Minimalist Lives With Just 50 Things

minimalist junk drawer

What I don’t like is how the video ends on such a down note. Oh he’s oppressing his children! His son desperately wants a couch? Spare me. What his son seem to really want but didn’t say was privacy. He shares a room with his father and that’s gotta be a drag. There are ways to differentiate the living space and the couch is doable. So is getting new underwear but the approach or message need not be one of deprivation. This man can live his life without being overwhelmed by his own stuff, which when you think about it is an absurd idea in itself. Continue reading