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INFOGRAPHIC: Oceans Of Garbage, Why Are People Eating Their Own Trash?

infographic ocean of garbage pollution

Here are some shocking stats on ocean pollution. It’s important for people to understand, particularly when it comes to pollution of our waterways, everything we do comes back to us. Doesn’t it make sense that we should make the effort to make only good things come back to us? Check it out below! Continue reading

Of Lions And Lemurs: A Farewell To My Own Father On Father’s Day

father lion and cub

Recently, I watched the wildlife show, Nature, on PBS with my father in silence. The theme of the episode happened to be parents in the animal kingdom. We watched a lion pride make a living room out of the Serengeti grasslands. The father lion was the biggest and the head of the pride. His playful cubs sparred under his watchful eye. He was beautiful, strong, majestic, proud, patient, and protective. I always thought of my father that way. I didn’t say that though.

It was getting dark outside and most of the light in the room came from his TV. My Dad sat back in his recliner. The blanket I bought him was draped around his now very slender shoulders. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: World Wetlands Destruction


I wrote about wetlands in Today Is World Wetlands Day 2011. In that post you can find out more about wetlands, why they’re important and what their role could have been in preventing some of the destruction and sorrow during Hurricane Katrina. Below is the World Wetlands Destruction infographic detailing the current state of our wetlands..and it ain’t good. Continue reading

VIDEO: Chris Jordan’s Film About An Island Where The Birds Have Bellies Full Of Plastic

Chris Jordan midway

Artist Chris Jordan, whose work we’ve shown in 5 Things You Need To Know About Plastic Bottles Or You’ll Die Twice has a well shot new film in production called Midway. Midway is an island in the North Pacific that was the site of a battle widely regarded as the most important naval battle of the Pacific Campaign of World War II. As its name suggests the island lies nearly halfway between North America and Asia. It’s also a place polluted with enough plastic to fill the bellies of the local birds. Continue reading

WWF Helps Conserve The Ecological Heritage Of Buddha’s Birthplace, Lumbini

Lumbini Flags
Lumbini is a popular pilgrimage site for many Buddhists– WWF wants to secure the area’s cultural ecology.

The birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, more commonly known as Buddha, is honoring the memory of the great religious leader, ascetic and enlightened being. The Sacred Garden in Lumbini has achieved its goal of planting 108,000 trees in the year of 2011. Continue reading

On The Run: Species Flee Climate Change Faster Than Previously Thought

The Geometrid Moth is amongst the species adapting to higher temperatures.

Different species might be more in-tune with the environment than originally conceived. Researchers are realizing that both animals and plants are shifting their natural home towards cooler poles three times faster than original believed. Continue reading

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