Newt Gingrich Supports Child Labor For Poor Children

newt gingrich child labor

I was disturbed to find out Republican presidential nominee Newt Gingrich recently made this statement and there were Black people who agreed:

“‘Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and nobody around them who works,’ Gingrich replied. ‘So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no habit of staying all day. They have no habit of ‘I do this and you give me cash,’ unless it’s illegal.'” –

Firstly, this is already happening and we should not pretend it’s not. Corporations still regularly violate child labor laws. See: VIDEO: The Harvest/La Cosecha Tells The Story Of The Children Who Feed America

No, people should not deliver even more children to the capitalist machine because we tried that and some of them died, as they are still dying, being abused and exploited, getting sick, and suffering from a low life expectancy overseas in factories making goods to be sold to people like us in places like Walmart. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Story of Broke

story of broke lobbyist bullies

Nope, this isn’t a video about your life or mine :), this is another installment in the Annie Leonard series that started with “The Story Of Stuff”, a video showing the full life cycle of the products we buy from the materials used to make them to the awful pollution problems they cause when we trash them. Video below. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Are You Working Paycheck To Paycheck?

2011paychecktopaycheck infographic crop

…Cause you needed an infographic to tell you you’re broke! At least that’s what i thought when I first saw this infographic and while I disagree with the part where it says the recession is over it’s interesting to have a look at some of their stats.

In times when money is scarce many do forgo being green in their daily lives. The part where it says 46% workers refuse to give up driving despite their financial woes was a bit disheartening. Surely, it goes back to the issue of the neighborhoods we’ve built discouraging walking as at least one of the causes for that stat. Careerbuilder was nice enough to throw in some recession tips for you at the end too. Continue reading

5 Ways to Save Gas Money and Drive Greener

Green driving keys

With gas prices above $3.50 per gallon, it’s important to know ways that not only save gas money, but save our natural environment as well. According to a study conducted at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, 15% of man-made carbon dioxide, a major driver in climate change, is from transportation. Specifically, road transportation contributes the most greenhouse gases within the transportation industry. Therefore, there is a large opportunity for individuals to not only save money, but to curb their carbon footprint and become better stewards of the natural environment by driving greener.

Don’t Drive!

It may seem obvious, but the best way to save gas money and drive greener is to not drive at all. Instead, ride your bike and enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood while getting some exercise.


Instead of driving to work or school by yourself, find a group of people with whom you can drive with. By doing this, each person doesn’t have to worry about spending gas money driving to work or school each day. Furthermore, everyone in your group is reducing their carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of cars on the road. Also, many places offer carpooling lanes which tend to run faster and save time.

Combine Errands Into One Trip

While many people go out right when they think of something, save those trips for when you can get multiple tasks done at the same time. When you park your car at the first destination, keep it there and walk to your next locations.

Slow Down

Although it may be fun to drive like a manic, just chill out a bit. By driving 55 mph instead of 65 mph, you can improve your gas milage by 15%. Also, accelerate gradually and use your brakes less by anticipating when you have to stop.

Keep Tires Inflated

By keeping your tires filled to the maximum recommended amount you can increase you gas milage. Not only are you risking a flat by driving on deflated tires, but you’re wasting money, gas, and negatively effecting the natural environment. Keep them full.