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VIDEO: The Harvest/La Cosecha Tells The Story Of The Children Who Feed America

When we Americans think of dingy factories where ten year olds toil for fifty cents a day, we think of places far from here. But we’d be wrong. The recent documentary The Harvest/La Cosecha by Enrique Lopetegui exposes child labor right here at home.

The Harvest/La Cosecha is produced by Shine Global, a non-profit, whose mission: is: “ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change.” Continue reading

Transforming Military Bases Into Community Farms

An aerial view of the former Alameda NAS– the former military base was closed under BRAC in 1997 and is now a community farm project.

Alameda Naval Air Station experienced its heyday during WWII and somewhat during the Cold War. Under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC), the base was closed in 1997 but a portion of the land was still set aside to be utilized by non-profits and government agencies for “public benefit conveyance”. The closing of the base allowed for the urban area to further develop and expand within city limits. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: If The White House Garden Grew Subsidized Crops


It’s not really an infographic but this image is from Kitchen Gardeners International, and shows the layout of the Spring 2011 White House garden. The contrasting image shows what the White House Garden would look like if it was planted with subsidized crops from the Food and Farm Bill. Yes, that’s where your taxpayer dollars are going- not just to war but to subsidize corn, soy, cotton, wheat, rice and little more. Continue reading