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WATCH: “Future Earth” Documentary

Future Earth Documentary

The comments I read on youtube said people needed to “stop blaming cars” but this has to be the most car friendly “environmental documentary” I’ve ever seen. With Wired as the presenter I should have known there would be a heavy technological focus but this takes the whole “technology will save us” theory to another level. Oh did I mention this is apparently sponsored by Shell?
Well you can’t expect for there to be real answers from anything involved with a major oil supplier, only tepid, incremental changes like cars that drive themselves. Even a lo-tech answer taking the fucking bus instead can’t be offered here. Did you know there was a time when people were amazed by railroads? Continue reading

VIDEO: Earth Hour 2012 Around The World

Sydney Earth Hour 2012

Saturday March 31st at 8.30pm 2012’s Earth Hour took place. The hour, which I wrote about in Blackouts, Candlefire and Alcohol Don’t Mix For Earth Hour 2010, is meant to “celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world by switching off your lights for an hour, then go beyond the hour.” I wonder if people take the going “beyond the hour” part seriously or if they just want to take part in this event and watch the images from participants around the world. Enjoy the video.

Photo Credit: Sydney Earth Hour 2012 via

VIDEO: Kalamazoo River Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Spill And The Destruction It Caused


While politicians are looking to support the Keystone XL pipeline and regular people seem indifferent or excited about jobs, the Kalamazoo River in Michigan is still undergoing a tar sands pipeline spill cleanup from 2010. The people who live near the river tells their stories about young children vomiting black substances, business still not recovering from having to shut down for 3 months, and job creation only for those who have to clean up the spill after the pipeline burst devastated their communities.

They ask you to remember it’s not a question of will the pipeline burst but when.

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Joe Kane, Gulf of Mexico

VIDEO: Director Bill McKibben Does The Colbert Report

Bill McKibben Colbert Report Keystone XL

“You’re looking at the glass as half empty. I’m saying the glass is half full…of carbon.” -Stephen Colbert

Description: Co-founder and director of Bill McKibben explains why the Keystone XL pipeline will mean “game over” for the climate. I’m glad Colbert pressed him on being a hypocrite for driving or riding in planes to get to the show. It’s something environmentalists have to address…and McKibben did. Continue reading

Keystone XL Pipeline Is Planned On Top Of Oklahoma’s Recent Earthquake Sites


The dreaded proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Canada through through most of the United States would be right on top of the latest Oklahoma earthquakes! Recently, Oklahoma experienced 50 small earthquakes that are linked to fracking nearby according to a recent The United States Geological Survey report.

Well, no issue exists in a bubble so why would Keystone XL be different? This is like terrible idea on top of terrible idea on top of terrible idea. There are so many great reasons to oppose both hydro-fracking and Keystone XL and potential fallout (read: oil spills) from the intersection of the two is more than enough for me to oppose both with every fiber of my being.