VIDEO: Mars Warned Earth About Being Too Nice To Humans

Earth: Human is getting on my nerves

Mars: Warned You

Mars: Sooner or later you’re going to get into trouble for being so hospitable.

In this video Earth is on a Facebook like website called “Earthbook” and at the point were humans really start to get on her nerves she has to decide whether or not she will “unfriend” humans. It’s cute, hilarious, and sad, but most importantly it allows the viewer to see the Earth/human dynamic a bit differently. A shift in the viewpoint of this vital relationship is crucial.

Description: “What would Planet Earth post about humans on its profile? The Earth fast forwards through a virtual relationship with humans — but soon starts to ask itself whether it wants to be friends with a species that exploits its national resources.
The conclusion is reassuring: yes, it does, because humans are making every effort to preserve the planet. Science and research are an important part of these efforts.”

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INFOGRAPHIC: Mother Nature Vs the Grid: Nature’s Power Illustrated


This infographic illustrates Nature’s energy output in terms of humankind’s energy grids. This should give you an idea of the awesome power of Nature and a better idea of why we tamper with it at our own peril. As I said before, before we get to climate change we have to deal with climate instability. Our changing environment makes hurricanes alone much more powerful and ferocious. Something to think about…Infographic below. Continue reading

VIDEO: How “Doubt” Prevents Serious Action On Climate Change

cigarettes doctors ad doubt

Lately, I’ve been giving some thought to doubt. Doubt has been used a powerful tool too prevent people in the U.S. to disagree with climate change, to ignore all the warning signs of our mangled, destructive food system, and yes, to get people to still think our president is actually a Muslim.

In this video shows the other times when doubt was used to sell folks on harmful products and even attack those who disagreed. The perfect correlation here is the cigarette companies claiming their products were safe when they knew better. Also, the example of DDT was used here. People were so convinced the insecticide was safe they sent threatening letters to scientist and writer Rachel Carson who wrote the powerful book, Silent Spring, and about the scourge they were to this planet. Due to the efforts of environmentalists the use of DDT was outlawed by Congress.

So what happened to the manufacturers of DDT? Did they go out of business? Nope, they reinvented themselves as biotech corporation Monsanto and now they engineer your food and they can vote since they are a person!

Can’t Make It To Durban? Send A Penguin To Represent You Instead

pissed off penguins main

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held in Durban, South Africa this year. It will last from November 28th through December 9th 2011 which gives you plenty of time to get there if you leave right now! If that can’t happen then at you can send a penguin in your place to represent you- but oh, not just any penguin will do. These are pissed off penguins. That’s right, Continue reading

United Nations Climate Change Conference In South Africa Begins Today

Durban Climate Change Conference

Remember all the fuss when the climate change talks were being held in Copenhagen? When there was a chance something might happen to curb climate change? Yeah, that was a while ago, 2009 to be exact. Who remembers 2010’s climate conference in Cancun? I’m not seeing a lot of hands raised. Ok.

Well, this year the United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held in Durban, South Africa, starting today. Continue reading