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7 New Year’s Resolutions To Make Your Neighborhood Better

greenstreets recently posted their list for 7 New Year’s resolutions to make your neighborhood a better place and that’s a great concept. For your New Year’s resolution thinking about others is a great move and so is improving your neighborhood. The fact is your neighborhood is also your environment and making your environment better makes you better…and you can lose weight doing it! Continue reading

Majora Carter On Santa Going Green This Year

20080708 Chicago City Hall Green Roof edit 2
Above: Green roof on top if Chicago’s City Hall

Most people set out milk and cookies for Santa on the kitchen table, but what about the hungry deer on the roof? Given the choice, studies have shown that these hard-working animals will favor landing spots with accessible food sources. ~Majora Carter

Environmental consultant and city planning visionary Majora Carter’s motto “Green The Ghetto” extends into everyone’s neighborhood with a new push for Santa to go green. More specifically, Continue reading

Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It- As Long As It’s Not The Census

A low response rate could have very serious consequences for our city, for each person who is not counted in the census, the city loses about $3,000 in federal aid every year, money that could be spent on services our communities all want and need. ~NYC mayor Mayor Bloomberg

Less than 50% of Brooklyn has filled out their census forms and that means the census will be knocking on their doors in May. Seems like the first thought for people has been “it’s gotta be those damn immigrants.” To be fair the surrounding boroughs didn’t fair that much better, only clocking in at Continue reading

NY State Parks To Close This Spring

My governor is going through a lot right now. Governor Paterson has been in the news every night lately and there are plenty who want him out of office even though the majority of the people would like him to finish his term. As a New York City resident and former NY State Parks employee it’s distressing to know that the scandal ridden governor still has tough choices to make like reducing funding for parks to balance the budget.

It seems the part of the park I worked at will be closing along long with other whole parks and historic sites on April 1st. This doesn’t seem to be a joke though. Continue reading

My Environment Is Worth Saving Too!

Gigi Bio’s “PRISMS ON BUSHWICK” From the album: “PHOTO JUXTAPOSITIONS”< reminds me of my environment, the city I love. The hard angles remind me of the urban landscape while the curve and flow flow recall the dynamic and energy of the city that never sleeps. Gotta love the graffiti too.

As a Black person from New York City I take issue with a lot of green marketing and I guess what I would call “green imagery”. It seems like a lot of “going green” is supposed to be geared towards white folks that live in Seattle. That’s fine and all but it isn’t only their responsibility to get involved and they certainly would not be the only ones to benefit from everyone being more environmentally conscious. Continue reading

New York City’s Mayor Gets Creative With Homeless People

Photo Credit: DREAMSCAPE by SkyShaper. An incredible artist…

I had a co worker once that ran away to New York City the day after his graduation in pursuit of a career in fashion and a lifestyle out of the closet. Fortunately for him he was very talented and driven. Many who come to the Big Apple don’t make it. Still others have fallen on hard times financially. Either way there is a significant homeless population in New York City and our current mayor Michael Bloomberg has sworn to eradicate the problem. Continue reading

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