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Welcome Back To So Fresh and So Green!

welcome back So Fresh So Green

Hey everybody, Happy New Year, welcome back to the new So Fresh And So Green, and shoutout to the late Ron Palillo. Last year was a year of challenges for me and I’d like to thank everybody who helped me out and sent their kind wishes after my father died last year. I struggled with coming back to So Fresh and So Green. I needed time. My father and I were very close and after he died not only did I have a lot of work to do but I had to adjust to the fact that my world and my worldview had changed. My voice changed. Continue reading

And We’ll Be Back When The Day Is New…

mr rogers we will be back

“And I’ll be back
When the day is new
And I’ll have more ideas for you.
And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about.
I will too. ” will be back to regular posting at the end of May. We’ll be taking a much needed break and doing some late Spring cleaning. You can still stay Fresh and Green with us online. On I’m still doing #EcoMonday: Green living/money saving tips on the hour, every Monday. Tell a friend!

The conversation will continue at

We’ll be interesting and Pinteresting on Pinterest.

And tumbling on

All questions, comments, and feedback is welcome via our Contact page or anywhere else we can be found online.

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on our About Page or And I’ll Be Back When The Day Is New… circa 2010.

Love Always,
Madam Toussaint

VIDEO: Ras G And Open Mike Eagle in WARHORN

Ras G and Open Mike Eagle are participating in an artist exchange program with Ugandan Emcee Mon Mc to “support the growth and development of hip-hop music in Uganda, collaboratively produce works of art, and provide public benefit with experience of the arts.

As such these artist are working in conjunction with non-profits Amagezi Germanyi Youth Association and J.U.I.C.E to create an 5 track EP. They are looking for donations to complete this project for more info check

Below is the first video from this project: