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DOWNLOAD: Eliphino – ‘More than Me’ EP (STSD004)

eliphino more than me

You know how sometimes you go to a website and to your surprise there’s music that automatically plays upon your arrival? This has gotten me in trouble at work many times and the music that’s played is never anything I want to hear. Some folks have gotten a little crazy with that on tumblr (which we’re also on now, check us out!) but I went to one tumblr and this song was automatically playing.

So latepass on this House tune. London beatmaker Eliphino recently dropped the More than Me EP so named for its super catchy title track that’s likely catching everyone’s ear the most off the EP. The Lauryn sample is well used here and “More than Me” is most def one of my new favorite songs.

More Than Me by

Download the More than Me EP via


VIDEO: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah- “Not Enough Words”

action bronson and Statik Selektah Not Enough Words

Bronson is on point as always on this track by Statik Selektah. The video features the Zangeif look-alike with an accomplice attempting to pull off a heist that I’m going to go ahead an assume they won’t pull off. That’s for no particular reason though, except that’s just how it happens, no matter how well drawn out your plans are, literally.

Action Bronson’s Well Done will be released November 22nd on DCide Records.

DOWNLOAD: Homeboy Sandman- “Same Number Same Hood”

Homeboy Sandman Same Number Same Hood

Puma’s new playlist series gives us this new joint from Elmhurst, Queens’own Homeboy Sand cause he’s blowing up like you thought he would. Who knows if Angel from NY is in the same hood with the same number (Queens can be a nice hood, no need to leave!). I do know it’s nice to hear old boy get out of his own lane and compete with a more regular flow to show he can. Some have argued that’s he’s a little too different or too all over the place, especially flow-wise. I think he tends to do what’s appropriate to him for the beat. This is a bit more of a regular beat than some of his others and he rides this 2 Kids From Pluto track nicely while still being himself.

The Biggie sample works so well and is so recognizable from the title alone it makes you wonder why it wasn’t sampled sooner.

Same Number Same Hood by

DOWNLOAD: Moka Only- ‘Barbecued Horse Contest Instrumentals’

Great title right? What does this instrumental affair have to do with it? Well, these sunny beats put one in a summery frame of mind, cold beer, a grill and shooting the cool breeze with the peeps. It like having a pool party when your crazy uncle shows up, things get a little weird but the fun don’t stop. Moka Only has done it again. Download and enjoy.

LISTEN: Carl Thomas- “Don’t Kiss Me”

carl thomas don't kiss me cover

Here’s a new one from Carl Thomas who has been missing in action for a while now. So what was the hold up? Carl says fellow soul singer Maxwell served as inspiration to make music again:

“I saw my good brother Maxwell and I listened to his last project before it came out and it reminded me of the integrity that we are supposed to be having as R&B artists. It reminded me of how much of an honor it was to uphold this lineage of Black music. It got the ball rolling for me again.

I am back. Do you know why? I am back because this game will tell the truth on you. If you are meant for it, it won’t allow you to stray away for too long.”

Download via Amazon

Glad to see Diddy didn’t ruin this guy’s career. He’s pretty talented and if R&B is going to be worth anything we’ll need artists like Carl Thomas around.

The “Overweight Lover” Heavy D Dies At 44

Heavy D & The Boys Peaceful Journey

Yesterday Dwight Arrington Myers, better known as the “overweight lover” Heavy D died. An associate of Heavy D’s told TMZ the rapper had pneumonia. He was 44 years old.

As a rapper Heavy D was hard to dislike. He was a big guy who danced like nothing held him back, he didn’t curse on his records and his music was, dare I say upbeat and positive. I’m not saying everyone has to be “positive” but his passing is a reminder to me that people used to dance to Hip Hop and music used to feel good…and it still should. Continue reading