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DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Friend Of The People

Luuupe’s back. But then again he never left. Despite the water downed and frankly disappointing Lasers, Lupe remains one of Hip-Hop’s top lyricists and with Friend Of The People he reaffirms his position. Here we find Mr. Fiasco in top form. Clever wordplay? Check. Interesting, engaging concepts? Check. Smart braggadocio? Check. Political content? Check.

It’s the last that separates Lupe from many of today’s Emcees. Not only is he not afraid to Continue reading

REVIEW: The Roots- ‘Undun’

On their eleventh album The Roots prove once again that they are the greatest band in the world. Their latest, Undun, is the cohesive story of Redford Stephens told over 14 songs at around 38 minutes long. However, they pack a lot of emotion and life in this space. Yet, the pace is perfect as the album unfolds naturally and gracefully.

To say Undun is cinematic would not be wrong, it’s very visual even without the lyrics, but Continue reading

VIDEO: Danny Brown- “Monopoly”

Danny Brown monopoly

“Fuck you and your tough talk, when I monopolize I throw yo ass off the boardwalk.”

“Monopoly” is one of my favorite songs off of XXX and I wish much success (and sometimes a genuine hug) for Danny Brown. If you were watching this video on TV you’d be smacking it up like Fonzie did the jukebox on Happy Days or finding a new hanger and foil to fix the rabbit ears. Could I possibly date myself anymore with those references? Will this video give you seizures? Who knows? Stay tuned.

DOWNLOAD: MF Love- ‘The Fly Talent Show!’

Here’s another great collection of Hip-Hop inner-mentals (see what i did there?) from mother funking MF Love. This is some classic boom bap ish that every rap lover can get down with. This collection of soundscapes are great to write some fly rhymes to, freestyle over, or kick back and chill with. PLUS it’s absolutely free! Remember the name cause I have a feeling we are going to hear a lot from this cat. Download at will.

VIDEO: Blackstar: Talib Kweli And Mos Def Documentary Trailer

talib kweli blackstar documentary

Based on the trailer it seems like this documentary focuses on Talib Kweli but if you’re a Blackstar fan it looks like you’ll dig this one. There’s also a dazzling array of appearances by people we like like Kanye West, Mos Def turned Yasiin (of course), The Beastie Boys, Dave Chappelle, The Roots, Occupy Wall Street profiteer Jay-Z, De La Soul, Common, Hi-Tek, Jean Grae, philanthropist Pharrell Williams, Killer Mike, Fat Lip, Damon Dash, Rosario Dawson, Pete Rock, Marc Ecko, Mad Lib Bobbito, Black Sheep, Cee-Lo, and The Dungeon Family.

Blackstar: Talib Kweli/Mos Def documentary trailer from Video Rahim on Vimeo.

DOWNLOAD: Eliphino – ‘More than Me’ EP (STSD004)

eliphino more than me

You know how sometimes you go to a website and to your surprise there’s music that automatically plays upon your arrival? This has gotten me in trouble at work many times and the music that’s played is never anything I want to hear. Some folks have gotten a little crazy with that on tumblr (which we’re also on now, check us out!) but I went to one tumblr and this song was automatically playing.

So latepass on this House tune. London beatmaker Eliphino recently dropped the More than Me EP so named for its super catchy title track that’s likely catching everyone’s ear the most off the EP. The Lauryn sample is well used here and “More than Me” is most def one of my new favorite songs.

More Than Me by

Download the More than Me EP via


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