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VIDEO: Santigold- “Disparate Youth”

MasterOfMyMakeBelieve santigold

New video from Santigold for “Disparate Youth” and it’s the first Santi’s ever co-directed & produced. The new album Master of My Make-Believe will be in stores & online May 1st. Judging by the album artwork above it should be dope! She looks powerful playing every position. It’s a way better usage of the decadent imperial imagery than Kanye used. Video below Continue reading

LISTEN: “All Alone Now” -A Cee Lo Green Demo Intended For Whitney Houston

cee lo green zebra whitney houston

So as the story goes this track is a Cee Lo Green demo from 2007 intended for the late Whitney Houston. The producer was Waajeed who made the track public today.

“The A&Rs at RCA were calling every and anybody to find a sound for her 2009 release, I Look To You. I worked on seven or eight different versions finally deciding on this one with additional parts from Simon Katz from Jamiroquai.

Lyrically, Cee Lo nailed it! At the time she was going though her very public separation with Bobby Brown. He wrote the words as if she was speaking directly to him.

I wish I would’ve been able to hear her wonderful voice singing these words, but for now Cee-Lo will do. R.I.P. Whitney” -Waajeed

It’s easy to say Whitney would’ve done a much better job than Cee Lo and made the song more compelling but she would’ve done a better job than most anyway. We can only listen to this track and wonder what could have been…unless someone is willing to get this technology going.

Download FreshNerd’s Whitney Houston Beat Tape which has a whole different feel to it not that she’s gone.