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VIDEO: #TupacBack- Tupac Performs At Coachella 2012

Sure he’s been dead for more than 15 years but how could something like that stop a guy like Tupac? A Tupac hologram showed up to Coachella, joined Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, and performed “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “Gangsta Party”. The trippiest part is he yelled out the “Coachella” by name even though Coachella was started in 1999 and Pac died in 1996. Details, details…

DOWNLOAD: I Still Love H.E.R. Vol. 1

There is a beautiful monthly event held at Subterranean dedicated to women in Hip-Hop called I Still Love H.E.R. LadyGemStar and KickAssAlyssia created this vibrant night “dedicated to the love of Hip Hop and its elements through the feminine experience. The four are represented by featuring a variety of Chicago female DJs, MCs, Breakers and Graffiti artists. Their mission: “to create a platform and raise awareness to the importance of the feminine contribution in the Chicago hip hop community as well as in it’s culture.” Word.

Recently, they put out a mixtape (mixed by DJ ALO) highlighting some of Chicago’s flyest Emcees. The mixtape features: The First Lady Of Rhymesayers: Psalm One, Rita J (Of All Natural), ANG 13, Amina, Jade Ivy, SPQ-HER, and many more. The ladies have diverse styles, content, and such. They are on point. If you love Rap check it out and if you’re in Chicago drop by Subterranean and soak up some culture. Visit their website: to download the mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Rihanna- “Birthday Cake” Remixes From Fabolous, Cassidy, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes & Reek Da Villian

rihanna cake remix

Everyone wants a piece of Rihanna’s cake. This is the name of the game now. If you have a dope track everybody and their third play cousin 2 times removed wants in. And they used to ridicule Dancehall for having one riddim with several artists on it…Once you’re done laughing at the idea of Rick Ross being on a song with the word “cake” in the title take a listen to the others, including the latest bites of Rihanna’s repetitive cake from Fabolous and the freestyle from Cassidy.

Fab’s version keeps Chris Brown in it. The fact that that collabo exists makes me a little uncomfortable but it works the best and he’s a better singer than her. Cassidy’s ode to crack (cause we really needed another one of those) has the line “whip that bitch like I’m Chris Brown” was crass though. Initially Rozay’s version was my favorite but unfortunately I will have to stick with the Chris Brown remix.

VIDEO: Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) And Dead Prez Record Trayvon Martin Tribute

Yasiin Bey and Dead Prez record a tribute to slain teen Trayvon Martin inspired by Nas’ “Made You Look” called “Made You Die” and some behind the scenes footage on what made them decide to do this Yasiin is no stranger to reworking other people’s songs. When you’re done with this download “Niggas In Poorest” a take on the Jay-Z and Kanye West collabo.