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Soul-Heart Sessions: A Winter Tribute To The Late Avenging Wind

Rest In Peace Fathom 9

I’ve been through a lot of changes since I last updated this blog regularly. I’ve wanted to restart this and to be consistent because I think that’s what you and this project deserves but I’ve also struggled with where to start. So I think I’ll start with where I am and have been most recently. It’s fitting to me that my first post this year be about the loss of my fellow artist and online friend Ennis Newman perhaps better known as Avenging Wind/Fathom 9. Continue reading

VIDEO: Ras G And Open Mike Eagle in WARHORN

Ras G and Open Mike Eagle are participating in an artist exchange program with Ugandan Emcee Mon Mc to “support the growth and development of hip-hop music in Uganda, collaboratively produce works of art, and provide public benefit with experience of the arts.

As such these artist are working in conjunction with non-profits Amagezi Germanyi Youth Association and J.U.I.C.E to create an 5 track EP. They are looking for donations to complete this project for more info check

Below is the first video from this project:

DOWNLOAD: Alchemist x Curren$y- ‘Covert Coup Instrumentals’

Alchemist x Curren$y Covert Coup Instrumentals

I’ve had Covert Coup on repeat for a few days now so it’s perfect timing that Alan the Chemist blessed us with the instrumentals. I know I’ll be hypnotizing myself with “BBS” all over again. It’s $4.20 for you potheads. Download and enjoy!