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5 Things You Need To Know About Cotton Or You’ll Die Twice


It’s the cash crop enslaved Africans in America were forced to pick, as close as family and probably what you’re wearing right now. Yet much like our food there’s so much most of us don’t know about the fabric of our lives. Here’s 5 things need to know about cotton. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Raincatch Jacket Offers Water Purification You Can Wear

Raincatch water purification jacket

Two master’s students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Joshua Noble and Hyeona Yang, have designed a jacket that enables the wearer to store and filter rainwater that is safe to drink on their backs. It even comes with a straw!

The project was inspired by the UN’s projection that by 2025 1.8 billion people will live in areas where water is in short supply.

The jacket is made of plastic and purifies the water via iodine and charcoal filters that can easily be changed. The purified rainwater is distributed into various pockets in the back of the coat to prevent imbalances and sloshing. The jacket’s durability has not been tested given the short project timeline.

The ingenuity displayed here is a way to approach the water issue on a micro level. Albeit a progressive solution to a pressing water crisis, we still desperately need a macro level approach.

Source: Fastco Design

PHOTOS: Eco Fashion In The Park

Eco Fashion in the Park

“It is my intention for everyone that came Sunday left with more knowledge on how to be more environmentally conscious with our landfills through creative ways of redesigning, re-using and re-styling their old clothing.” -Gina Constanza,organizer

On Sunday I attended Eco Fashion in the Park, an eco-fashion show organized by Gina Constanza of House of Glam with Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez in High Bridge Park in Washington Heights, NY. There was also live painting by my friend and former art school classmate Marthalicia Matarrita. Continue reading

Going Green For Graduation

GreenWeaver green graduation gowns
Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Oak Hall Cap and Gown

The class of 2011 is going green in a very different and unexpected way.

Graduating seniors are turning to eco-friendly apparel for their walk across the stage. At least four academic apparel companies are trading polyester and other synthetic fibers for fibers made from sustainably-harvested forests and recycled plastics. Continue reading

Would You Buy Your Dog A Mink Coat?

dog fur coats 1

It’s snowing in New York City again and my German Shepherd mix dog was ready to come inside after playing in the abundant fluffy white stuff outside. As I wiped his light tan and black fur down so he could curl up in a nice dry donut shape on his doggie pillow I thought he probably doesn’t feel cold. He’s got a fur coat and he’s German! It never occurred to me he might need another fur coat…perhaps a mink? Continue reading

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