sofreshandsogreen.com helps the young and the urban learn more about the environment through Hip Hop, art, information and ideas.

The Fresh is art, the youth, Hip Hop and music.
The Green is environmentalism, social justice, public policy, bodega nutrition, green jobs, and what this all means for you. We seek to empower YOU to be more GREEN.

Come for The Fresh, Stay for The Green.

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Bio: Founder, Editor In Chief of SFSG. I grew up in NYC with a love of nature, Hip Hop, art, design and a strong desire to know WTF is going on…

Likes: Spelling “Madame” wrong, Ghostface, Golden Era Hip Hop, Alphonse Maria Mucha, Barry Windsor Smith, artfully done graffiti, the Amarna period, The Simpsons, X Men, GSDs, Adult Swim, Art Nouveau, early 90’s rock and alternative- when alternative was really alternative, Aside Bside Media, polar bears, Dadaism, old footage of Roxanne Shante, the color blue, NYC when I can afford it.

Dislikes: The MTA, high fructose corn syrup being in everything, marsupials, ironing, Saran wrap, the term “Old School”, incorrect usage of slang, slow computers, stereotypes, Jiggahov and the Mrs.

Respect For: Harold Cruse, Malcolm X, MLK, Amy Goodman, Harry Allen, Hugh Hamilton, Dr. Carlos E. Russel, John Henrik Clark, Gil Noble, Bill Moyers, Jay Smooth, Tricia Rose, Dr. Majid Ali, WBAI, Bones Malone, Rosa Clemente

Quote: “Bitter with Baggage seeks same” – Sloane Tanen

Twitter: @madamtoussaint My profile pic on social media is currently Troy and her father from Crooklyn in tribute to my father who died recently, which I wrote about in Of Lions And Lemurs: A Farewell To My Own Father On Father’s Day

Facebook: facebook.com/immadamt
Tumblr: runmadamrun.tumblr.com

Amanu Kaiju

Bio: Emcee.Wordsmith. Data hunter-gatherer. Otaku supreme. Bad Wolff.

Likes: Box-cutters. Moleskines. Comics. Music. Art. Literature.

Dislikes: Closed minds.

Quote: “On the good foot!” -James Brown

Twitter: @Amanu360
Facebook: Amanu Kaiju

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  1. Bobby

    Greetings from the UK. I’m a young entrepreneur and blogger still tryna put 2 & 2 together. Just wanted to say Love what you guys are doing & love your blog. PZ

  2. Ernest Johnson Udom

    I am a Nigerian,0 an aged man. I have been a vegan since the 90s. Ignorantly, I had been taking honey and have stopped it. Even at my age I am very strong, can trek miles without without feeling weak. I am a christian, a church of Christ person.
    I visited your website.Am glad to know that there are African Americans who are vegans and vegetarians.

  3. Lenny Modelowitz

    I’m not sure why but I feel better now after spending some time at SFSG. I’m not even sure how I got here but I am so glad I did. I miss my Brooklyn. If you ever get out to Sheepshead Bay, please remember me to Emmons Ave. Hugs and Thanks to you Madam.

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