15 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Go Vegetarian

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So you think you want to be a vegetarian? Thank you for  considering it! Based on my experiences and the experiences of others every item on this list is definitely true.

Also, in the past we’ve used The Simpsons to help illustrate our points. This time we’re going with Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks animated series instead. We did our best to stay away from season 4 out of solidarity. Here we go!

1. Skip The Fake Foods

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Fake meat can be full of soy or chemicals to give it a meaty texture or look. You don’t need food from a lab as a transition step. You’re better off eating food that is what it is.

2. Yes, You Can Afford It

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If you tell yourself it’s too expensive to be a vegetarian or vegan then it will be and you’ll find costs everywhere. Subtract the price of cough syrup, prescription drugs, frequent doctor’s visits, and add the general joy of feeling good then it won’t seem so expensive anymore.

3. Eat Before You Go And Always Carry Snacks

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You could find yourself in a situation where there’s nothing healthy or meat free around. Look out for yourself by eating first or be prepared with nuts, seeds, or whatever makes you happy.

4. Vegans/Vegetarians Do It Better

It’s true. Better heart health can reduce impotence.

5. Sometimes Meateaters Can Be Jerks

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It won’t seem warranted but some who eat meat will have very bad reactions to your decision not to eat meat.

6. This Doesn’t Mean You’re Better Than Anyone Else

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Don’t be “that guy” that turns people off to the idea of forgoing meat or ruins people’s meals by telling them about their food while they’re still eating it. Those are bad conversion tactics and it’s totally unnecessary.

7. Yes, You Will Make It Through Thanksgiving

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You’ll make it through all the holidays too. If you feel tempted or pressured and indulge in eating meat turning back could make you feel very sick. So plan ahead. Eat first or ask those cooking to separate the meat from the rest of the food like not cooking rice with pork or letting individuals add bacon bits to baked potatoes instead adding bacon to all of them.

8. Sometimes Meateaters Feel Guilty And Want To Tell You All About It

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You: …so then I decided to go vegetarian (or vegan).
Other person: Yeah I went vegan once for two weeks. I just NEED meat though you know. Like I CRAVED it. My body NEEDS it you know…
You: *blank face emoji*

This weird phenomenon will happen when you mention your diet in casual conversation. Some say this is due to guilt over eating animals which they believe is wrong deep down. Others say they’re just making an effort to relate to you. Either way even though you didn’t start it it’s a conversation people will try to make you have.

9. You Can’t Change The People Around You But You Can Change The People Around You

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This goes both ways. Every now and then you can inspire someone to eat healthier or go meatless, but don’t bank on that. More often you may find yourself out of step with those around you. You’ve made more than just a dietary choice. You’re changing as a person to some extent and may want to seek out new people more on your wavelength. You have to do what’s right for you do you?

10. There Are Many Reasons To Become A Vegetarian

boondocks think about it

Some are in it for the animals. Some for the environment. Others for health reasons. Don’t think that everyone is in it for the same reasons as you.

11. There Is A Wrong Way To Be A Vegetarian Or Vegan

There’s more to being a vegetarian and way more to being a vegan than not eating meat. You should make sure your protein, iron, and B12 levels are good for starters but you should also watch your sugar and junk food intake. You may find it easier to eat junk food than you did before.

12. If It Has Meat In It It Is Meat

riley no scared boondocks

If it has meat in it it is meat. People will try to convince you to “eat around it”. Again, depending on how long you’ve gone without meat, this could make you feel very sick. You’re going to have to ask questions speak up about this.

13. It’s “Good” For The Environment

Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Going meatless isn’t the only thing you can do (and may not be the most effective either) but it’s still a thing you can do. Also, you can do more!

14. You Can Feel Better Mentally, Physically, Spiritually

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Imagine not feeling sluggish or sleepy after eating or thinking more clearly or feeling so light inside depression just doesn’t pull you as far down the way it used to. Some people feel all of these effects when they stop eating meat.

15. They Want You To Give Up

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When you can get a burger for a dollar or a salad for five dollars it can feel like there’s a conspiracy to keep you eating meat. Or maybe you saw some list online of foods you thought were healthy but have harmful additives and now you’re thinking “There’s nothing left to eat!” Consider how people have been eating for thousands of years without processed or fast foods. Remind yourself broccoli is still good and giving up has landed many in a hospital or grave whether they ate meat or not.

So what do you think of this list? Do you like the Boondocks gifs? Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments!

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