WATCH: “Future Earth” Documentary

Future Earth Documentary

The comments I read on youtube said people needed to “stop blaming cars” but this has to be the most car friendly “environmental documentary” I’ve ever seen. With Wired as the presenter I should have known there would be a heavy technological focus but this takes the whole “technology will save us” theory to another level. Oh did I mention this is apparently sponsored by Shell?
Well you can’t expect for there to be real answers from anything involved with a major oil supplier, only tepid, incremental changes like cars that drive themselves. Even a lo-tech answer taking the fucking bus instead can’t be offered here. Did you know there was a time when people were amazed by railroads?

Also absent in this movie are any of the actual climate predictions that would help give us an idea of what inhabiting our planet will actual be like, not just driving in it based on everything staying the same as today except with higher gas prices…maybe. They tell you solar power is not possible in a specific project without being used in conjunction with natural gas. This film is supposed to be about the future yet the handling of that little bit of information suggests solar energy is not feasible period or at least still won’t be by 2050, the year we are supposed to be focused on.

They put the words “Utopia” and “Dubai” in the same sentence and I wish the former was a word people would use less but I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bothering to post this since I don’t seem to have anything good to say about it. Well if you think that you’re wrong. It’s a well shot, put together film that happens to be a nice, slick piece of propaganda. You should bother to watch this if only to sharpen your wits in regards to what fossil fuel propaganda looks like now.

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