Welcome Back To So Fresh and So Green!

welcome back So Fresh So Green

Hey everybody, Happy New Year, welcome back to the new So Fresh And So Green, and shoutout to the late Ron Palillo. Last year was a year of challenges for me and I’d like to thank everybody who helped me out and sent their kind wishes after my father died last year. I struggled with coming back to So Fresh and So Green. I needed time. My father and I were very close and after he died not only did I have a lot of work to do but I had to adjust to the fact that my world and my worldview had changed. My voice changed.

I had so many questions. I asked myself when is the right time to come back to So Fresh and So Green? How will I know when I’m ready to start writing again and will I disappoint by being inconsistent? Should I narrow down my focus? Have I shared enough? Have I served enough? How can I continue to keep the positive tone here that I believe is necessary to encourage people to make progressive changes when what I want to do is hold people’s eyes open to the horror and bliss of our present reality? Is it confusing? Did it make readers feel too comfortable? Is being “positive” necessary and what does that mean anyway in a world where plans for a present day doomsday project like the Keystone XL Pipeline are quietly tolerated while an ancient Mayan calendar change generates fanfare?

There’s nothing like a new year or a the loss of a loved one to make you take stock of things. At the moment I have both. My own need to make health changes and do more to encourage a love based in action for the environment is here. Maybe yours is too. There’s so much I’ve wanted to share with you and this year I hope to get to all that’s still worth sharing.

I sense an urgent need for this information and these connections. This necessitates a change in the tenor of So Fresh and So Green. While taking care of my dying father I experienced a whole new level of service and learned how important service is in my life. I also learned it’s difficult for people to understand how little time we have, not just to live, but to be alive, be connected, and to make a difference. And I’m not exempt. There’s so much ground I want to cover things will have to be more streamlined around here and hopefully this will aid in our mission and touch more hearts and minds with our message of empowerment.

This blog was never meant to be about me, though I realize on some level it inevitably is. Even so I’d like to share more of my thoughts going forward in hopes it will encourage you to share more of yours with us. We have a new look and I’m excited about taking new steps one day at a time. I’d love to know how you’ve been growing the past year and how you’d like continue to grow in 2013. What do you want more or less of from So Fresh and So Green this year? How can we best serve you?

Love Always,
Madam Toussaint
Creator In Chief of So Fresh and So Green

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