FDA Makes Tougher Rules For Antibiotic Abuse On The Animals We Eat

antibiotics fda livestock chickens

You did know the animals you eat are given antibiotics on a regular basis didn’t you? Well, on Wednesday “the Food and Drug Administration announced the new rule Wednesday after trying for more than 35 years to stop farmers and ranchers from feeding antibiotics to cattle, pigs, chickens and other animals simply to help the animals grow larger.” Those animals are NOT sick, they are perfectly healthy to begin with before being drugged.

This helps create strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics which can not only lead to dangerous infection in the animals but also in humans. Tens of thousands of deaths occur each year do to the overuse of antibiotics and about 80% of antibiotics sold are used in animals in the Untied States.

This is good news but this new rule needs to be enforced. New requirements are supposed to make obtaining the drugs more “cumbersome and expensive” but if celebrities get doctors to prescribe them drugs all the time why can’t farmers get that for their livestock? This is just another symptom of our jacked up food system. Read more about this at nytimes.com

Photo Credit: “Hens in Missoula, Montana” by Katie Brady

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