REVIEW: Abstract Giants – ‘Abstract Giants’

Let me hip you to somethangs you need to know. Chicago has a diverse Rap scene that does not get the attention it deserves. Case in point: the nine (yes nine!) piece hip-hop band Abstract Giants have been making beautiful music for over ten years. (Full disclosure: I have had the pleasure of working with these cats and will do so in the future)

Abstract Giants consists of: Jason Vinluan (violin), Cary Kanno (Guitar), Matt Conway (Keyboard), Andre “PAB” Lempera (Drums), Jake Samson (Bass), and Holy Senchak (Vocalist). Along with Emcees, Ron P, Abitight, and Two Moons. AG has a sound that the Illinois Entertainer describes as “… silky smooth funk/jazz induced grooves, the result is not just original, but infectious. When it comes to these musicians, the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts — and that’s quite a sum.”

Their third album, which is self-titled, is their best and to my mind one of the best releases of 2011. AG brings what I call sunshine music: its bright, makes you feel good, and makes you shake your groove thing.

Each Emcee possesses a different style that enhances the others: Ron P has a highly rhythmical often syncopated flow, whereas Two Moon’s is somewhat mystical and well, abstract. Abitight brings a a melodic sing-song flow that often launches into full -fledged song. This cat can blow. Thematically Abstract Giants covers a diverse range of topics with golden era flair. From battle rhymes to love songs to social commentary AG brings wit and energy to them all.

The only fault I can see in this album is that at sixteen tracks it runs a little long. Not that there is any filler, I just prefer short things like skirts, hair, and haiku’s. I highly recommend picking up this album. You can thank me later.

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