12 Ways To Avoid Or Stop Genetically Modified Cotton

Photo Credit: “Feeding cotton seeds, in New South Wales” by Cgoodwin

Now that you read 5 Things You Need To Know About Cotton Or You’ll Die Twice what do you do with all the new things you learned? Die twice? Get angry? Hide under the bed? Well, you can’t die twice (I’m sure you’re relieved). Anger is acceptable and appropriate in this situation. Hiding under the bed is not. Some of the suggestions here are personal and can rid or reduce GE cotton in your life and your family’s lives, but that’s not enough. It’s important to help others.

So what can you do?

  • Read food labels.
  • Buy products that don’t contain cottonseed oil or unlisted oils.
  • Eat and drink organic dairy products. Eat less or no dairy products.
  • Eat organic, grass fed meat.
  • Take care of the clothes you already have. Read the wash and care label and follow the instructions. Taking care of your clothes means needing to buy less clothes.
  • Eat less or no meat.
  • Get and stay informed about what’s on and in your body. Share what you learn with others.
  • Buy clothing from companies that sell organic cotton clothing and other eco-friendly products.

    So Fresh And So Green is now offering organic cotton t-shirts and reusable items for sale. Check it out and tell a friend.

  • By organic cotton whenever possible.
  • Write letters or send emails to your favorite clothing companies telling them this is not okay with you and they should switch to organic fibers with little or no pesticide usage.
  • Sign or start petitions demanding the labeling of genetically modified foods and fibers by government regulatory bodies.
  • Call, email, write or sign or start petitions demanding your elected representatives vote for GMO labeling and regulation or an end to GMOs.
  • Join or support organizations like Millions Against Monsanto fighting for GMO labeling or an end to GMOs.

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