Hip-Hop Could Save The Lives Of Some Medical Patients

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Rappers say Hip Hop saved their lives all the time but Hip-Hop could literally, medically save lives.

A professor at Purdue University has created a new miniature medical sensor that is implanted in the body and is charged by the bass in rap songs. The aim of the device is to help treat people who are suffering aneurysms or incontinence due to paralysis.

Babak Ziaie, who is a professor of electrical and computer engineering and biomedical engineering, experimented with four types of music to power the device: rap, jazz, rock, and blues. He found that rap was the best because it had a lot of low frequency sounds, namely the bass. When there is a strong bass component, it causes a cantilever in the sensor to vibrate which generates electricity and stores a charge in the device’s capacitor.

The device only needs to be used for a couple of minutes every hour to monitor blood pressure or urine pressure in the bladder. The new technology could replace the conventional method of diagnosing incontinence, which requires a catheter to be inserted while the patient waits for hours at the hospital. With Ziaie’s device, a wireless device could be inserted and the patient could go home while the pressure is being monitored.

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