Experts Propose A Tax To Curb Sugar Consumption

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Health experts in the United States are proposing a new tax to combat the consumption of sugar and other sweeteners.

Taking a cue from countries such as France, which has implemented a tax on soft drinks, some researchers believe that taxing sugar will lead to healthier diets. Sugar consumption has tripled worldwide in the last 50 years, leading to numerous health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Other measures, such as limiting the sales of sweet drinks and food during the school day and stopping the sale of sugary foods and drinks to children under a certain age, have also been proposed.

Researchers hope that similar to bans on smoking in public places and airbag regulations, a sugar tax will become an integral part of public health policy. But they face powerful opponents in Experts Propose A Tax to Curb Sugar Consumption sugar lobbyists who would fight tooth and nail against a new tax.

Other groups, such as the Food and Drink Federation in the United Kingdom, say a realistic approach needs to be taken and that taxing sugar will not necessarily lead to healthier diets. The key to better health, they say, is a balanced and varied diet along with physical activity.

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