REVIEW: Homeboy Sandman– ‘Subject Matter’

Homeboy Sandman is one of the most dynamic and inventive Emcees doing it (Side note:congrats to Homeboy on his signing to Stone Throws!). With a limber, melodic flow that shape shifts his gift of gab into delightful forms that make for flavorful songs, this cat is in top 5 Emcee territory. Word.

His latest release is his first on Stone Throw. The Subject: Matter EP is six songs long, clocking in around twenty minutes, and makes for a nice appetizer for his upcoming LP. On the liner notes Sandman describes the EP thus, “with songs dealing with content no one has ever rapped about before in the history of rap music. Unfortunately not a difficult thing to do.” While I understand where he’s coming form I can’t get 100% behind that statement. While the topics may not be virgin, largely Sandman’s approach to songs and rhyming are a breath of fresh air. He truly has his own voice.

Homeboy Sandman pens rhymes that sometimes demand multiple listens to decipher their meaning like on the song “Soap” where he spins a narrative that seems to be a retelling of the Bible or a comment on spirituality or a hero’s quest or ya know I’m not sure. But it is pretty trippy and I digs. Kudos bro.

If I had to pick one favorite song on this EP it would be “Canned Goods” the theme and construction of this joint is just too dope. It has social relevance and resonances that are just transcendent. If you are not hipped to Homeboy Sandman get to know him and pick up Subject: Matter. When you’re done, come back and watch him change a tire.

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