VIDEO: Concerned About Chemtrails? Watch “The Great Culling” Official Air Trailer

the great culling aerosols

Ever heard of chemtrails? Many of us are suspicious of what’s in the air, food and water these days and for good reason although we may not be able to readily say what the problems are. Director Paul Wittenberger and photographer Chris Maple attempt to get some answers for you with “The Great Culling”. This is the first trailer addressing what’s in the air. If you like what they do and want to see them finish this project donate to them at The filmmakers say, “A $200.00 donation will give you a funding partner credit along with a copy of the film, however anything helps right now.” Well, what else were you going to spend your money on?

Description: In his follow-up documentary to, “What in the World are They Spraying?” director Paul Wittenberger teams up with photographer Chris Maple to examine the relationship between the current pandemic of neurological diseases and disorders and the direct relationship with heavy metal toxicity. What we eat, drink, and breathe is under attack! Framing the World Productions takes a close look at the health of today’s society and is a scary glimpse at the vitality of our future generations. The Great Culling educates on the major health risks associated with toxic substances and more importantly the best ways to avoid them and effectively remove them from your system.

This film explores the designed plan and why it is essentially a culling of the heard. For all of those who are unfamiliar with the term “culling”, it is simply a less harsh term than the word “killing”. Usually culling is done in animal groups when there is overpopulation of a specific species. But now it’s you. It is our time to be “Culled”. It is known as “the thinning of the herd”. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Is the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones coming to fruition? Is the Great Culling being carried out now? For those who continue to not pay attention, you are the “Sheep” and you will be “culled”.

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