VIDEO: Study Finds Pot Smoking Better For Lungs Than Cigarettes, Pot Smokers Respond “I Told You So”

Wiz Khalifa Smoking marijuana

Not only has a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama Birmingham and U.C.–San Francisco found pot smoking is “better” for you than smoking tobacco but it also found pot smoking may also improve your lung capacity. That could possibly be caused by the stretching involved in taking deep tokes.

Where the news of this study says pot smoking is “better” for you in this case that means less harmful and not smoking anything is what’s better for you. There is a downside in this study though as reports:

“If you have lived more than 10 “joint years,” aka a joint a day for a decade, and smoked pot more than 20 times a month, your lung capacity decreased.”

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  1. Dex

    i feel that electronic cigarettes and pot are much safer than traditional cigarettes. i wouldnt say e-cigs and pot are safe because anything you inhale will not be good for the body. at least with electronic cigarettes, there is no tar which will not blacken your lungs but there is still nicotine which can cause problems to the heart. but pot does contain tar though. i think its a better alternative than smoking a real cigarette. i have been smoking both and i have stop regular cigarettes and i feel much healthier compare to when i was smoking a regular cigarettes. hopefully i can stop e-cig too one day which i think has helped me slow down on the nicotine.

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