VIDEO: How Bolivia Became The First Latin American Country With No McDonalds

bolivia mcdonalds

“Fast-food represents the complete opposite of what Bolivians consider a meal should be. To be a good meal, food has to have be prepared with love, dedication, certain hygiene standards and proper cook time.” –El Polvorin blog

After 14 years in Bolivia and many campaigns and promos to generate sales fast food juggernaut McDonalds was forced to pack up and leave the Latin American nation. They served Bolivians their last burgers in late December after announcing a global restructuring plan which includes closing its doors in 7 other countries with poor sales.

This makes Bolivia the first Latin American country without a McDonalds.

Here’s a clip called Fast food off the shelf via Producen Bolivia, the makers of a documentary titled “Por que quebro McDonald’s en Bolivia” or “Why did McDonald’s Bolivia go Bankrupt” that tries to explain why did Bolivians never traded in their empanadas to Big Macs. Another progressive move for Bolivia following their law giving Mother Earth equal rights to humans.

SYNOPSIS: Today in Latin American countries, introduction of fast food, such as McDonald’s, grows up. There is one exception, Bolivia: a country with a strong indigenous tradition – cooking and popular food. In December 2002, the transnational fast food corporation Mc Donald’s had to close its restaurants in Bolivia. Why did McDonald’s fail in Bolivia?

Through six intimate stories with renowned cooks and a review of popular sayings about the Bolivian food, travel by the variety of its flavor, you’ll discover that love is in this home cooking, the market, the barter and the low cost of one of the cuisines that has not been recognized yet.


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