Burger King Will Give It To You Your Way Now With Home Delivery

burger king home delivery

Now you can have the home of the Whopper come to your home as fast food giant Burger King rolls out at home delivery service. Burger King delivers in countries like Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia and Peru but the service in new to the states and has so far only been offered in select stores in Maryland and Virginia.

Hopefully the pic above is not what they mean home delivery, and anyway if the Burger King shows up to your door just know he doesn’t work for the fast food burger joint anymore since he was fired a few months ago.

If this sounds like a dream come true to you just know there are some rules and restrictions. Deliveries are made “from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Burger King says it tries to stay within a 10-minute-drive radius so that its food, which is packed in a thermal insulated bag, can remain fresh.” There’s an $8 to $10 minimum order, a $2 delivery fee and no delivery for deliver milkshakes, coffee, fountain drinks or breakfast food.

Pizza is delivered and look at how much of it we eat! There’s no word on other fast food, non pizza, companies moving to offer these services but it makes good business sense for Burger King to do this in this economy considering the fact that McDonalds is always in the top fast food slot and it has recently been booted from the number 2 slot by Wendy’s. So the question is does Burger King home delivery make sense for you?

For decades it has been an asset to our health and waistlines that this kind of food has required customers to go to the store, even if it’s only at the drive through. At home service would even require you to get out the house and into a car!

So would you take advantage of Burger King home delivery? Do you think this is a point of no return for this fast food addicted nation?

Src: nydailynews.com

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