Thank President Obama For Taking Action On Mercury And Toxic Air Pollution

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There are petitions for everything and when it comes to politicians it usually involves stopping a certain policy or something but I came across this petition sponsored by the Sierra Club to thank President Obama for standing strong on mercury pollution. Maybe he’s waiting to hear from you?

President Obama’s new mercury safeguards will protect our communities from dangerous mercury and other air pollution spewed from coal-fired power plants. This protection will save tens of thousands of lives each year.

The perfect holiday gift: Clean Air. The new Mercury and Air Toxics Standard will protect babies, seniors, and all of us from harmful air pollutants like mercury, arsenic, dioxin and acid gases. This gift will create jobs, spur innovation, save lives, and secure a healthier future for our country.

Thank President Obama for putting families first and standing up to Big Coal!

Here’s an infographic showing what this new standard does.

Click here to Thank President Obama for Standing Strong on Mercury Pollution

Photo credit: Pete Souza

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