DOWNLOAD: Homeboy Sandman- “Same Number Same Hood”

Homeboy Sandman Same Number Same Hood

Puma’s new playlist series gives us this new joint from Elmhurst, Queens’own Homeboy Sand cause he’s blowing up like you thought he would. Who knows if Angel from NY is in the same hood with the same number (Queens can be a nice hood, no need to leave!). I do know it’s nice to hear old boy get out of his own lane and compete with a more regular flow to show he can. Some have argued that’s he’s a little too different or too all over the place, especially flow-wise. I think he tends to do what’s appropriate to him for the beat. This is a bit more of a regular beat than some of his others and he rides this 2 Kids From Pluto track nicely while still being himself.

The Biggie sample works so well and is so recognizable from the title alone it makes you wonder why it wasn’t sampled sooner.

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