VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street Forcibly Evicted From Zuccotti Park In Midnight Raid


Last night after 1am the park’s owner, Brookfield Office Properties, and the city had the police hand out notices to the occupiers of Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Park by the occupiers. They cited supposed unsanitary and hazardous conditions in the park. They were then forcibly evicted by the baton-wielding police dressed in riot gear in the middle of the night with that little notice in a way no landlord would get away with. You can watch some of the video from it below.

The police told them to move but they were forcible shut down shortly after being told. Their tents, books from Occupy Wall Street’s free library (of course cause you have to go for the books) and other belongings were trashed in NY Department of Sanitation trucks. Most moved out of the park but some demonstrators linked arms with each other and refused to leave. 70 persons were arrested, including upper local Eco-Fashion supporter Manhattan Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez.

As of this morning the occupiers have moved to Foley Square in New York City leaving the park empty, but are now reportedly on their way back to Zuccotti Park. They were told they could return to the park, but without tents or sleeping bags. This may be one of the worst ideas those in power could have come up with. This kind of pressure and violence activates and even radicalizes people.

Our imperial 3 term mayor, Michael Bloomberg, says the forcible eviction was his call and the protesters could return without the tents. This morning at 6:30am the lawyers for the occupiers got a judge to sign an order explicitly stating they should be allowed back in the park with the tents and their other belongings. A hearing is scheduled for 11:30am with another judge that will be chosen randomly.

You can watch the Occupy Wall Street live feed below.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

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