DOWNLOAD: Amy Winehouse feat. Nas- “Like Smoke”

Amy Winehouse Lioness Hidden Treasures

I just came across an old mp3 disc I made in 2007 that I burned some Amy Winehouse tracks from Back To Black onto so I could listen at work and while commuting. Who would have guessed only 4 years later not only would young Amy be gone but there would already be plans to release more of her music already. The upcoming collection of posthumous material, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, is scheduled for a December 5 release.

Hard to imagine what that might sound like as Ms. Winehouse was said to have never even sang one song the same way twice. For a singer who had no rappers on her albums she was embraced by Hip Hop so maybe it isn’t so surprising that she and Mr. Jones might show up on a Salaam Remi produced track together. I don’t have much to say about this. Nas shows up well with equal time for expressing his thoughts but Amy’s part actually kind of hangs like smoke, there but not really. One open widow away from not being there anymore…and kind of unfinished. Usually I enjoy a good posthumous release from an artist I like that’s gone too soon. It’s oddly comforting. The production here is very Back To Black but the tone just makes me kind of sad.

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